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Cloud CRM is a Major Factor in Socius’ “Power of Choice” Cloud Philosophy

The way business is conducted has been completely redefined by cloud computing. But some companies are having a hard time keeping up with the accelerated rate of change. To help alleviate some of these challenges, the Socius ‘Power of Choice’ Cloud Philosophy helps give our clients the power to pull from a well-rounded choice of […]

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How to Tell if Your Business is Ready for Cloud CRM

A cloud CRM solution brings with it many benefits, like security, reliability, and affordability.  However, sometimes it can be hard to tell if the time is right to move to a cloud-based solution, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. I’ve found that often the best times to look at a new solution or a new means […]

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Successful Cloud CRM Deployments Start with Predictable Implementation Plans

According to a Nucleus Research study, 52% of organizations that have implemented a cloud CRM solution in the last 6 months are looking to switch to a different solution.  Is this because the cloud CRM system itself failed to deliver on what was promised?  Probably not. It is more likely that these organizations had a […]

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Microsoft’s Aggressive Cloud CRM Strategy Pays Off for Adopters

Unlike other cloud solutions vendors, Microsoft has taken a broad approach to their cloud development, focusing on a strategy that reflects real business needs by including infrastructure, platform, and application layers.  Because of this, Microsoft’s cloud CRM solution, Dynamics CRM Online, extends beyond itself to seamlessly interoperate with Outlook, Office, SharePoint and Lync, as well […]

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