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See the Power of ClickDimensions Campaign Automation

It’s not often that an attendee describes what they are viewing as “Jaw dropping” but that happened to us last Thursday while walking through a demo of ClickDimensions Campaign Automation at Microsoft Marketing Surestep Office hours Content We started off by talking about what marketing automation is and why it is so important in today’s market. We discussed some of […]

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Selecting Marketing Automation for Dynamics 365

enCloud9 and ClickDimensions recently collaborated on a webinar about selecting the right marketing automation solution for Dynamics 365 and here are the takeaways. What is Marketing Automation and Why Is It So Important Today? Marketing automation refers to the software that enables various marketing actions to be automated. This includes many repetitive tasks such as emails, social […]

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4 Ways Dynamics 365 Shortens Sales Cycles

For most businesses, the primary driver behind using a CRM is to drive sales to your business.  Dynamics 365, from Microsoft, allows you to shorten your sales cycle, leading to more sales and higher revenue. We have identified four of the top ways Dynamics 365 shortens sales cycles and accelerate your sales.   1 – Effective Management of contacts, […]

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What’s new in ClickDimensions?

The ClickDimensions team is always hard at work improving and enhancing its marketing automation software for Dyanmics 365 CRM. They are now releasing updates on an accelerated monthly cycle (previously updates were released every quarter). To stay informed about the what to expect over the next serval months, ClickDimensions has published a public roadmap for […]

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5 Reasons Selling Dynamics 365 CRM is a Great Opportunity

Selling Dynamics 365 CRM was not something that I started out doing for a career. I started out as an accountant who loved using technology. My first tech job was setting up my accounting firm's token ring network. Eventually, my love for computers led me to a career selling technology solutions, but it wasn't until I started […]

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Talkin’ CRM: BroadPoint Speaks at ClickDimensions Idea Conference 2015

BroadPoint was pleased to present at the recent ClickDimensions’ Annual Idea Conference. The Idea Conference, held on September 24, 2015, is a completely online event dedicated to sharing ideas, case studies, and best practices from organizations that have achieved success marketing with Microsoft CRM. Speakers had to submit session proposals to the ClickDimensions team several […]

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Here’s Why You Should Love E-Mail Marketing!

E-mail marketing is a simple way to target your audience in a short amount of time. E-mail marketing has been proven to be more effective than social media and is a cost effective way to reach your target audience all while having a personalized and time efficient approach. E-Mail Marketing Is More Effective Than Social […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Module versus Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and ClickDimensions

This blog has been updated in July 2016 to include a comparison with ClickDimensions within the Marketing Automation activity section. The release of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing in spring 2014 brought on many new and exciting features to the Dynamics CRM platform. There are some key differences between what this new application has to offer versus […]

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3 Things That Will Help Convert More Leads From Your Site

Companies are 60% to 90% of the way through their buying process before reaching out to one of your sales people. Is your company ready for this growing trend?  I recently gave a talk on a global webinar that drew over 1800 registrants and 750 + participants.  The topic was titled "From Social to Customer: […]

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Idea Conference 2014 – Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Are you a marketer using CRM? The Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Idea Conference is a completely virtual experience dedicated to marketing with Microsoft CRM. The presenters will be marketing and CRM experts sharing ideas, case studies, success stories and best practices specifically for marketers using CRM. The Idea Conference will be held on Thursday, […]

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