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Microsoft Releases Dynamics CRM Online Pricing Options

If you are like us, you have anxiously been awaiting the latest online licensing options for Dynamics CRM.  In the past, Microsoft has  offered Dynamics CRM Online at a single price point, one size fits all.  But they have come to realize that customers are demanding more choice and flexibility when purchasing CRM Online and as […]

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Marketing Automation with ClickDimensions – 6 Tips

Marketing automation is one of my special interest areas within CRM, and I’m an enthusiastic user of the ClickDimensions marketing automation add-on for Dynamics CRM. If you’re using ClickDimensions (CD for short) or considering it, here are a few tips & tricks you may find helpful. #1:  Duplicate Email Addresses. CD will only send a […]

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What’s Ahead in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013?

What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013? Today Microsoft announced that the new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be available in the fall of 2013. The strategy behind the release is to help businesses put their customers at the center of their operation and deliver more personal experiences to users. This is a major […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Quick Tip: Navigate Directly to a View (Skip the Clicks)!

A frequent complaint about Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been that it is very “clicky”; you need to click through several windows to get where you want to go.  This isn't surprising with very robust software like Dynamics CRM.  However, all that functionality comes at a cost:  lots of windows, options, and paths.  Well don’t lose hope, there are ways […]

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The (CRM) Truth is Out There Part 1

If a consultant tells you that your CRM should provide a “360 degree view of the truth” it’s like a coach instructing his players to “go out there and give it all you’ve got”; it’s true, but not particularly useful. When it comes to customer Truth in CRM, the key realization is that you’ve probably […]

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From Convergence 2013 – Microsoft Dynamics CRM News Pt. 1

Another spring, another Convergence. Microsoft’s annual conference on all things Dynamic concluded March 21, the first day of spring, and it appears that the Dynamics CRM world is set to heat up along with the weather. Here’s a summary of what I’ll cover in the 2013 edition of my annual CRM-centric Convergence recap, Part 1: […]

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MOMENTUM 2013: CRM – Engaging a 360° View

If you attend only one CRM conference this year, let this be it.  This ½ day, incredibly affordable event is jam-packed with critical strategies, practical and actionable knowledge, implementation tools, tips, tricks and much more. Presented by an all-star cast of presenters, this event brings together business and marketing leaders, sharing a unified vision for […]

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Top 5 Ways to Recharge Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM System

Too often CRM deployments are characterized by limited user adoption or a stale deployment. Want to breathe new life into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment? Below, we highlight 5 simple steps you should consider for resuscitating your CRM deployment and making the most of your CRM investment: 1.     Satisfy the "noisy" users. Every organization has a broad […]

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Customer-Centric Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What is customer-centric marketing automation? Simply put, it's the ability to execute and track all of your email and digital marketing efforts right in your CRM, where your customers live. While Microsoft Dynamics CRM does have basic email activity tracking, it lacks important features you'll need for true marketing automation. Fortunately, several add-on solutions are […]

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What’s New in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012 Update?

Last week’s big news for Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the official announcement of the December 2012 Service Update. The most substantive official document is the Release Preview Guide, available here: This article’s my take on what you can expect and the relative importance of the new features. I used the organizational scheme of the […]

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