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How to Create and Use Email Signatures in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM

  In this video by our Dynamics 365 CRM support team, we'll look at how to create email signatures in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.   "How do I create an email signature?" is a very common question from users, especially early on, and they are pretty simple to set up.   They are also […]

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How to Enable Business Process Flows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM

  In this video by our Dynamics 365 CRM support team, we'll look at how to enable business process flows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.   Business process flows are useful for standardizing how your team tackles particular tasks. Basically, they serve as guides for how to get things done.   For example, you […]

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How to Use Connections in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

  In this video by our Dynamics 365 CRM support team, we'll look at how to use Connections in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales to create searchable relationships between entities.   Connections add valuable layers of relationship information to your records. For example, you can connect a contact to multiple accounts, which is highly valuable […]

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Want CRM Success? Serve the Servants First!

  Imagine this:   You’re the owner or manager of a small business. You’re facing mounting competitive pressures and shrinking margins. Differentiation has become harder and harder because your competitors are one click away on the Internet.   You need to create consistent, high-quality experiences to keep prospects and customers coming back for more.   […]

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Mobile Sales & Field Service Offline Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM and Salesforce

Resco, a leading provider of cross-platform mobile CRM solutions to businesses of all sizes has made an announcement today. Their number one fully-fledged offline mobile CRM solution is available to the Salesforce community using mobile sales and field service. Thereby, extending their overall strategy and bringing a platform to any organization that utilizes Salesforce solutions […]

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Azure and Microsoft Dynamics CRM: The Sales Partners You Need

As business owners, we like to think that we know our customers inside and out. But even the hours upon hours spent analyzing behavior and purchasing patterns can leave some discrepancies between what we really know and what we think we know. People are complex, and predicting future behaviors can be hard to do when […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online vs Salesforce Cost Comparison

Get More Productivity and Save Thousands of Dollars with Dynamics CRM If you’ve considered Dynamics CRM, now is the time to try it and buy it. And this handy comparison helps you see the benefits in just a few seconds. We’ve illustrated the true cost and functionality differences between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce and, […]

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CRM Tip: Auto-populate calendar and contacts with drop-and-drop feature in CRM

Timesaving tips and tricks are always good news, and CRM has one for you! With a neat drag-and-drop feature, you can drag emails over to your calendar or contacts and it will auto-populate the information! This drag and drop works for tasks and notes too! Follow these easy steps below to learn this efficient trick […]

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The (CRM) Truth is Out There Part 1

If a consultant tells you that your CRM should provide a “360 degree view of the truth” it’s like a coach instructing his players to “go out there and give it all you’ve got”; it’s true, but not particularly useful. When it comes to customer Truth in CRM, the key realization is that you’ve probably […]

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From Convergence 2013 – Microsoft Dynamics CRM News Pt. 1

Another spring, another Convergence. Microsoft’s annual conference on all things Dynamic concluded March 21, the first day of spring, and it appears that the Dynamics CRM world is set to heat up along with the weather. Here’s a summary of what I’ll cover in the 2013 edition of my annual CRM-centric Convergence recap, Part 1: […]

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