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Provide Seamless Customer Service with Case Management in Dynamics 365

Most of us have experienced the all to familiar situation of having to explain our problem over and over again to numerous support people. If only your issue was recorded the FIRST time you call so you weren’t stuck repeating the same thing. With Case Management in Dynamics 365, a case is started at the […]

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Take the Guesswork out of Case Management

MS Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce   Download our free CRM 30-day trial Learn more about CRM's features Running a well-oiled support desk is not for the faint of heart. There are so many moving parts…Does the customer have a support agreement? Does the contacting party have authority to open a support ticket against the agreement? What […]

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Better Customer Service with Self-Service Portal for Dynamics CRM 2011

In my previous post I explained the benefits, for organizations providing customer service, of using DotNetNuke free Community Edition, as customer a portal that connects to the Dynamics CRM service module. (Read here) In this post, I will go through the DNN2CRM service modules offered by DNNintegration, and discuss how the modules connect to CRM to create, edit, […]

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Take Your Customer Service to a Whole New Level

If you haven’t checked out the new features in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update User Interface – you need to – NOW!  Gone are the headaches of having to work with multiple grids and open window panes.  No need to worry about frantically searching for customer information while they’re talking to you […]

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Losing Track of Customer Issues? We’re on the Case.

Driving to work today, you remember that you have to contact your customer, Mike.  You arrive at your desk and frantically look through all of your papers for the notes you took the last time you spoke to Mike.  As you shuffle through your papers, you become more and more agitated because you just know […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Efficient Citizen Relationship Management

The “Customer Relationship” in CRM  not only applies to business consumers, it also relates to citizen relationships, which tend to have substantial challenges. There is a need to improve Citizen and Business service delivery with simpler processes, less paperwork, and more efficient interactions. Government agencies also face challenges with increasing operational efficiency, compliance and accountability, […]

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