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How to Stack Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Higher than the Rest

Today’s business management solutions can streamline operations and position your business for growth. For example, software that integrates seamlessly is much more powerful than individual, specialty solutions.  Microsoft technology keeps this in mind and helps businesses take it to the next level with their stack of Microsoft Dynamics solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft […]

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The Ups and Downs of Elevator Contracting

The elevators that you service may only go in two directions, but your business activities can go every which way.  Gain both control and insight over your elevator contract business with a solution that can keep you heading in the right direction – FieldBoss®. Elevator contracting is a unique niche business and requires a unique […]

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Give Your Sales Team A Boost with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The beginning of a new year often brings renewed focus on corporate objectives, such as “improve sales”.  There are many ways to attack this common objective; however, the right technology can give you a solid lead, figuratively and literally.  Boost the productivity of your sales team, as well as increase sales figures with a customer […]

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Does Your CRM Provider Meet Your List of Requirements?

Whether you have chosen a customer relationship management (CRM) provider or are still in the research phase, your CRM provider should meet all of your expectations.  Together, as a team, you will be able to choose the right CRM software solution for your business today, and keep it working at optimal functionality long into the […]

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Employees Work Smarter, Not Harder with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Too often, productivity is confused with getting employees to work harder. True productivity gains actually come when you make work easier for your employees. Systems that bog down your workers When your employees are dealing with your customers, can they answer questions quickly and accurately without checking multiple sources? Or, do your employees struggle with: […]

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Top Five New Features in CRM 2011

Imagine that you had a tool that could help you generate leads, close sales, build lasting customer relationships, and streamline operations.  No, it’s not a magic wand; it’s Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011.  More and more companies are investigating business intelligence software as a tool to help them run their business more efficiently and with greater […]

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Social Media Networks in Combination with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Create Marketing Power

Social Media Marketing is an effective and affordable way to reach your prospects. Adding this to the functionality of CRM creates optimal marketing power. According to Gartner, social CRM will be a $1 billion subsector of the CRM market by the end of this year. The various sites, blogs, and communities that comprise this arena represent […]

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What your CRM Solution Should Do Today and Tomorrow

Whether you feel like something’s just missing with your CRM solution or are worried about how it will scale with your company’s needs and keep up with changing customer demands, this blog will articulate where you should be now and what you should plan for five years from now.   TODAY: First of all, your […]

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