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How Three Insurance Agencies Are Benefitting from Dynamics 365

Insurance companies have unique requirements. To increase your success with new technology systems you should work with a company that has proven experience with agencies like yours. Here are several powerful things the Crowe CRM team did for insurance agencies using Microsoft Dynamics 365: Implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for an Insurance Agency who used […]

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How to Simplify Commission Calculation for Insurance Benefits Brokers in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Commission calculation for benefits brokers can be complex. You work with multiple insurance carriers and each of them pays a commission. The payment is then split between the agency and the producer. But then it starts to get interesting and oftentimes unmanageable. The amount paid and the split percentage can be based on many variables […]

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Employee Benefits Brokers: The Right Tools Get the Job Done in Dynamics CRM

It is unrealistic to think there could be one, out-of-the-box CRM system that covers all the bases for all businesses. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions are invaluable for many types of businesses. But businesses vary in many ways. Selecting a CRM system can be a source of frustration for certain businesses whose methods and terminology […]

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Why Employee Benefits Brokers Must Move Toward a Consumer Centric Model

To stay competitive, employee benefits brokers need to reinvent themselves. Employee benefits brokers traditionally worked with employers and basically presented proposals with prices from different insurance carriers (like Fallon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts, etc...) based on the health plan the company needed. They were the middle man. And it was easy money. The broker […]

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Solving the Nightmare of Commission Calculation for Benefit Brokers with Dynamics CRM

Insurance agencies know that commission calculations can be a nightmare. Especially if a broker discovers they were done incorrectly. Employee benefit brokers work with multiple insurance carriers and each of them pays commissions. The agency takes a cut and the producer, or broker, gets a cut. Each of the commission allocations are different based on […]

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How Insurance Employee Benefits Brokers Can Solidify Client Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As an employee benefits broker, your time is always valuable but it is not always billable. Much of your time is likely spent doing “goodwill activities”: time that is not billable to the client, but it helps build the relationship so you will retain their loyalty and earn more business. For example: It is open enrollment […]

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CRM Software Optimized for Employee Benefits Brokers

As an employee benefits broker, have you searched without success for a CRM software solution that fits all of your needs? Have you found that the programs out there are inadequate to satisfy your business' unique methods, special terminology and responsibilities? Most out of the box systems cannot measure up because they are designed for […]

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