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Does your Cloud Based CRM Have an SLA? Should You Care?

  Lost data is one of the primary arguments against moving to the cloud, so cloud providers must assure their customers and prospects that data loss is a remote possibility. And while you might not think that it can ever happen to you, the thought of re-entering lost data is not very appealing when you would be better […]

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Spring Clean CRM with Insights Powered by InsideView

There are many great ways to use Insights from within Dynamics CRM, but with it being April, I feel it's the time to do a little spring cleaning. If you have a system filled with leads and contacts that you have not engaged with in months or perhaps even years, then they are most likely not […]

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3 Reasons Why I Love Microsoft Dynamics CRM

On this day, to celebrate all things related to love, we shower the object(s) of our affection with such things as candy, flowers, and cards. Our “objects” include spouses, children, parents, pets, best friends, boy/girlfriends, and more so it might seem a little odd to say that I (heart) CRM. Let me explain my reasons: […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Productivity Tips – Dashboards, Charts, Filters, and Personal Options

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers many productivity enhancements. We hope you enjoy these tips and we will look for more and report on them in an upcoming article. Dashboards are a powerful new feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  Use a dashboard to see at a glance all the important information you need to make key business decisions […]

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