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Get a 40% Discount on CRM 2013 Online

By Barkley Busby Vice President, 2B Solutions, Inc. Have you been thinking about how you can make the most out of every interaction and deliver amazing customer experiences with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. In an always-on, socially connected world, the way customers buy has fundamentally changed. Change the way you do business with them. Now through […]

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Microsoft CRM 2013: *NEW* Simplified Data Entry with Screenshots

We are about a month away from the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and it is jam-packed with new features and functionality!  The new forms and data entry in Microsoft CRM 2013 are going to be the key to keeping your people productive and focused on the task at hand!  Here is an introduction […]

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Max Field Limit Dilemma in Dynamics CRM

We had a potential customer contact us with a unique problem – they were building out their Dynamics CRM solution, and they encountered the limit on the maximum number of fields an entity can have well before they were finished adding all the fields that were needed.  Out of the box, the Account entity in […]

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Go Mobile with CRM and Increase Productivity

Mobile technology is allowing more and more field sales and service reps to complete their work without having to step foot into an office or even have an “office day” at home.  This means that they are spending their time selling to and servicing customers – which will always affect the bottom line. What can […]

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Go Mobile with CRM and Collect Information at the Source

There is a lot of talk about automating processes.  How about data entry?  Or re-entry?  We see this as a pain point in many of our early conversations with clients.  The trend is this:  nothing positive comes from the manual and time consuming process of manually re-keying data.  The reasons our customers want to automate […]

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Go Mobile with CRM and Accelerate Cash Flow

Service-based businesses can greatly benefit from Mobile CRM.  Let’s think about the process.  A field technician provides a fee-based service.  Once the service is complete, that technician is ready to move on to the next paying customer.  But first, there are a few manual processes that must take place in order to receive payment. How […]

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Go Mobile with CRM and Shorten Sales Cycles

According to, the definition of a sales cycle is "the course of time between the initial contact being made with a customer, the identification of services or goods to be procured, the acceptance of the intended purchase, and the transaction that completes the sale. It is a measure of the efficiency of a sales […]

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Go Mobile with CRM – Increase Sales Values

There is a lot of information on the web about mobility.  But what does all of it mean and how does it relate to you and your sales team?  It’s important to start with the basics.  You are highly motivated to sell and want to close higher value sales.  What if your goal was to […]

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