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Aha Apps's Logo How Technology Can Help Meet Donor’s Expectations In A Nonprofit

One of the chief trials for running an effective nonprofit is when the donors look at the use of funds as a primary way to assess impact. While it is […]

Aha Apps's Logo Using Dynamics 365 For Managing Data In Nonprofits

When a nonprofit invests in high-end CRM software, it’s logical to set an expectation regarding some ROI (Return on Investment) in terms of donation, grants revenue. But to get the […]

Aha Apps's Logo 10 Reasons Why Dynamics 365 Is A Better Choice for Non-Profits

It’s not an unknown fact that technology can take an organization to a different level making it more efficient, productive, and generating a good return on investment. As such it […]

Aha Apps's Logo Dynamics 365 and Fundraising in Non-Profits

In a nonprofit, every dollar counts and so does every second. Therefore, every action should result in either better service to the donors, or a rise in funds. These are […]

Aha Apps's Logo Managing Donor Data In Nonprofits With Dynamics 365

Maintaining and building relationships is vital for nonprofits. They need to be in touch with stakeholders, donors, sponsors, volunteers, and members at the right time and foster relationships ensuring that […]

Aha Apps's Logo The advantages of Dynamics 365 for nonprofits

You may wonder whether nonprofits need a CRM solution? The answer is almost always a ‘Yes!’. Whether it’s a big conglomerate or a small firm or an association, a CRM helps […]


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