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Dynamics 365 Enhanced Filtering is Here!

Before we get started... In my prior post, I highlighted the Dynamics 365 enhanced filtering capabilities coming in the Wave 1 2020 update. So, check out that post. Then, keep reading this post as we will dive into more details. Additionally, you will need to have the Wave 1 2020 update applied. If you haven't […]

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Dynamics 365 Record Hierarchy

Dynamics 365 (CRM) has a neat feature, Record Hierarchy, that can be easily overlooked, but can provide great visual insight into your customers. In this post, we will explore the components that make up this feature. What Is Record Hierarchy? The Record Hierarchy in Dynamics 365 is actually a simple concept. It boils down to […]

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Improved D365 Advanced Find for Related Entities

They are familiar requests but Microsoft Dynamics 365 has struggled to quickly answer these type of questions in an advanced find: How many leads don't have scheduled activities? Which accounts don't have any contacts associated? What active cases don't have activities? How many of my accounts don't have an opportunity? Let's focus on the first one. Marketing […]

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Take Advantage of Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

You’ve seen them before. Bright, colorful and chalked full of all kinds of data. Yes, I’m talking about Dashboards. If you are not taking advantage of the Dashboards feature within Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now known as Dynamics 365), you are missing out on having access to a wide array of important data within a single […]

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Ten Tips for Finding Information Faster and More Efficiently in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Having all of your information in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM database is beneficial to not only the sales team but also to marketing, administration and office staff. Being able to access the information you need in a timely manner is equally as important. Not understanding how to mine data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM can lead […]

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Milwaukee CRM Conference to Spotlight Dynamics CRM

If you are using (or evaluating) Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are available on October 22nd a trip to visit Miller Park Stadium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is in order. No, sadly the Milwaukee Brewers season will be over and the excitement of MLB playoff baseball will not be in the air, but chants of C-R-M may occur […]

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Advanced Find: Some Common Needs

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Advanced Find feature is a powerful tool for searching and sorting through the data a records in your CRM. On a basic level, all you have to do is specify some criteria and run the Advanced Find query to return all of the records that meet those criteria. However, things can get […]

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Taking Advantage of your Sales & Marketing Data in Dynamics CRM

CRM Users have access to more data about their customers and prospects than ever before. The amount of information that is collected and tracked is growing exponentially for companies. Think about all the places you have valuable data sitting. Your back office software, CRM, paper files, spreadsheets, and more are all filled with valuable, insightful […]

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Targeting the Right Prospects with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

I answered the phone yesterday to a telemarketer selling SalesForce. Being that we utilize and sell Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we obviously weren't a good fit for their sales call. The call got me to thinking about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how it helps us to target the right prospects and give a more specific message to those we […]

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Workflows in CRM 2011 are Great, Little Helpers

Workflows aren’t just for process automation. They’re a great tool that you can use to update multiple records at one time. Especially records that one cannot update with the Edit button, you know, up there in that ribbon. This past week, I was running CRM Lead reports around certain events. With the out-of-the-box CRM fields […]

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