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Aha Apps's Logo How to track emails in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

It’s important to keep track of all your customer interactions, and email communications are key. Create a central repository of your Outlook email communications by “tracking” them in Microsoft Dynamics […]

Aha Apps's Logo Is it possible to change URL in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Yes, we can change the URL “”. It is specific to the environment so, in order to change the name for an environment, you need to go to “Power Platform […]

Aha Apps's Logo Increase Microsoft Power App’s Performance & Reliability with Solution Checker

Sometimes the need to meet the project deadlines can get better of you and you might want to run the quality check next time. You wanted was a swift way […]

Aha Apps's Logo Security Error in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Custom Workflow

In most organizations, sending an email to teams is an activity that is performed daily. As an example, if a new lead comes into the CRM organization, the assigned team […]

Aha Apps's Logo Plugin error log settings update in Dynamics 365

As a developer, there quite a few times that you need to debug a plugin. Typically for doing that, you might have written some trace statements or you were planning […]

Crowe's Logo Custom Workflows & Actions in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: Key Takeaways

Dynamics 365 workflows involve a series of steps and rules that automate a business process or task. Actions in Dynamics 365 are a type of process. Actions open a range of […]


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