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Aha Apps's Logo What you need to know about the perils of overly customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Satish from Aha Apps interviewed Sunil Raheja, the Dynamics CRM practice head, about the problems he had been working on recently. Sunil mentioned that one major issue faced by clients […]

Aha Apps's Logo What is the scope of the Business Rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

There are three levels of scope when setting up Business Rules in your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM system. The scope controls when the Business Rules will be triggered. 1. Specific Form: […]

Aha Apps's Logo Microsoft and its Cornucopia of Products: How Power Tools are Transforming Business

“You join here, not to be cool, but to make others cool.”                                                                                      – Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft Would you think that “Making others cool” should be the new tagline […]

Aha Apps's Logo Wave 2 release updates for Omnichannel for Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Omnichannel for customer service in Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers to connect and engage customers across different digital messaging channels. You can enable chat, SMS, and social channels like Facebook, Twitter in your […]

Aha Apps's Logo Plugin Coding Best Practices In Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In any Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance, there are functionalities requested by the stakeholders which go beyond the functionalities offered by the Out-of-the-Box CRM instance. To deliver these functionalities we often need to […]

Aha Apps's Logo Microsoft Dynamics 2021 release wave 2, an overview: Part 1

The Dynamics 365 and industry clouds release plan for the 2021 release wave 2 describes new features releasing from October 2021 through March 2022. Here’s a brief snippet about their release plan regarding […]

Aha Apps's Logo How to resolve the issue with the display of Dynamics 365 organization

We recently performed an update on our Dynamics 365 organization and once that was done, I encountered a very peculiar issue. When I logged into the Dynamics 365 instance, I […]

Aha Apps's Logo Microsoft Dynamics 365 Quick Search Functionality

How to change the behavior of Dynamics 365 quick search functionality? Background: In Dynamics 365 we can search for records based on some fields in the quick search box shown in the […]

Aha Apps's Logo The Hidden Cost of a CRM

In today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive, and highly technical business environment, the CRM has become an organization’s most valuable asset. A CRM is essential to understanding the needs of your customers, improving customer service, […]

Aha Apps's Logo Attaching an SSRS Report in Dynamics 365

Just being customer-centric isn’t any added value that an organization has to offer anymore. It is a quintessential feature that underlines the ideals of a company. It has been proven […]


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