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La version cloud de Microsoft Dynamics 365 profitera bientôt de mises à jour continues

Microsoft change la façon dont les mises à jour de Microsoft Dynamics 365 seront livrées : les mises à jour cloud majeures seront maintenant déployées deux fois par an, soit en avril et en octobre, afin de fournir de nouvelles capacités et fonctionnalités. Ces mises à jour seront rétrocompatibles, alors que les mises à jour de […]

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Microsoft Optimizes Delivery of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Version with Continuous Deployment Updates

Microsoft is changing the way Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates will be delivered: major cloud updates will be deployed twice a year in April and October to provide new capabilities and functionality to all Dynamics 365 users. These updates will be backwards compatible, while regular performance updates will be rolled out throughout the year as before, […]

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Business Rules – Your Key to Programming Knowledge in MS Dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce Sign up for a free CRM course! Learn more about CRM's features No Programming Knowledge? No Problem! Business Rules, which are delivered right out-of-the-box with Dynamics CRM, tackle client side logic in a user friendly way, allowing virtually anyone that is responsible for managing their company’s CRM to get off and […]

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When You Think about Microsoft, What’s the First Thing that Pops into Your Mind?

Some of you may think about Microsoft Office, your desk-top software applications for managing your email, contacts and calendars. Maybe you think about Word, Excel, and PowerPoint because you use them every day. Some of you may think about the giant corporation that always seems to be in news, for better or worse. Some of […]

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An Exposé on the differences between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premise

Has your company been thinking about moving to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online from On-Premise? Maybe your company utilizes Microsoft Dynamics GP and is thinking about a CRM Implementation, but not quite sure which environment best suits you. This information can be tasking to gather and compare, so we have done it for you! Infrastructure Microsoft […]

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When You Think about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Remember This: Marketing-driven Companies Are 31% More Profitable (1)

Having recently blogged on this same topic on the Altico Advisors company blog, I came to three realizations: It’s a topic I’m passionate about There’s a lot more to say than what I included in my original blog post To be a marketing-driven company and reap the rewards, you need a world-class CRM system Just […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Provides Strongest Reporting and Streamlines Processes for This Membership-Driven Organization

A large international and professional organization, which is a skillfully facilitated and private advisory group for CEOs, other C-suite executives, and business owners, was rapidly outgrowing ACT, its current customer relationship management software. With “advisory board” peer group meetings, private one-to-one mentoring sessions, expert speaker workshops, and a global members-only online network, this organization needed […]

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Quick Start Packages for Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

There has never been a faster way to get up and running on a customer relationship management (CRM) system than with SBS Group’s ‘Up In 2’ Program. Who is SBS Group? If you have been considering evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but haven’t made the move – now is the time! SBS Group, a Microsoft Gold Partner, […]

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