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Project Management Tip: Our Secret to Running Successful Dynamics CRM Implementations

I believe it was Socrates who said, “Employ your time in improving yourself.” Truthfully, we should look for ways to improve not only ourselves but also our processes. At our company this means looking for ways to improve the way we deliver Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects to our clients. Every project is managed using our […]

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How Fast Can You Email a Client a Project Status Report From Dynamics CRM?

If a client asks me for a project status report, I can send it within 2 minutes. Complete with all project tasks, milestones, percentage of completion and the total time billed against the total time approved. Can your project management system do that? This is only possible because we use templates and checklists in Project […]

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How Microsoft Partners Can Use Checklists to Manage Implementation Projects in Dynamics CRM

Are you consistently following the same methodology for every software implementation project? Does everyone in your company, including new hires, know the exact steps to follow? When steps are missed, do you know where the process failed? We have found that using templates and checklists within Dynamics CRM, using the AbleBridge Project Management add on, […]

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Compare Excel vs MS Project vs Dynamics CRM – Pros, Cons and Costs for Project Management

When it comes to project management software, you have choices. Being in the business of providing solutions for project management, we have recommendations. Here are the pros and cons of some of the first choices as well as our take on what is the most effective. Microsoft Excel Pros: It is free; most people have […]

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A Simple Way to Track Billable Time in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Not every company wants to use a full project management system to track billable time. Many just want a “quick and dirty”, yet reliable, way to track time within the systems they already use. You can do that in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using the affordable AbleBridge Editable CRM Grid add on tool. Billable Time The […]

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Project Management Systems Compared – Stand-alone or Integrated

How do you manage projects? Many companies have outgrown the basic systems used in the past to manage the delivery of professional services.  It is time to look at Project Management software. Should you choose a stand-alone system like Microsoft Project or one that is integrated with your Dynamics CRM software? The answer depends in […]

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How an IT Services Firm Manages Project Resource Scheduling in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Do you find it difficult to manage your own schedule? What if you had to manage the schedules of 200 consultants flying all over the world working on complex IT projects? Trustmarque is a leading IT Services firm in the UK. They have hundreds of employees working onsite, in IT consulting roles, at both private […]

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How to Bridge the Disconnect Between Sales and Project Delivery Teams

Sales: “You didn’t meet the deadline”. Service: “You didn’t quote enough hours”. If you run a project-based business, you have likely heard these types of accusations. But if everyone on your team has complete visibility of the project management metrics, you can bridge the disconnect between sales and service. (tweet this) The Challenge For a […]

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Excel vs Microsoft Project vs Dynamics CRM – The Best Way to Track Projects

After you make the sale, what tool do you use to track project costs, tasks and milestones? Microsoft Excel Many people use Microsoft Excel to manage projects because it is free and everyone has access to it. You can even download some helpful Excel project management templates online. However, using Excel is not ideal because […]

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