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Crowe's Logo Stop Exporting, Analyze Data Inside Dynamics CRM with Filter Panels

Do you export data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into Excel so that you can slice, dice and analyze it? While this does work, it is time consuming and prone to […]

Crowe's Logo How a Busy Nonprofit Simplifies Data Entry in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Bridgespan Group is a nonprofit, working with nonprofits, that uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a non-traditional and very creative way. That means the less data entry the better. The […]

Crowe's Logo A Simple Way to Track Billable Time in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Not every company wants to use a full project management system to track billable time. Many just want a “quick and dirty”, yet reliable, way to track time within the […]

Crowe's Logo Dynamics CRM Developers Do Amazing Things with Editable CRM Grid

Good developers just have a sixth sense that allows them to look at a tool and think of all the new ways they can tweak it and use it to […]


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