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Dynamics 365 Best Practices

- One of the great features of Dynamics 365 is that you can easily configure the system to meet your needs. Creating new entities, fields, and views can be done through the current interface and without the need to have development knowledge and write code. Workflows can be created by users to help them perform some […]
[Webinar] Discover Power-CRM: The Next Generation of Affordable, User-Friendly CRM

- Power-CRM, offered by iCepts Technology Group, Inc., is a full-featured and affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps Platform. Pricing starts at only $20/User/Month! You are invited to join our March 17th webinar to Discover Power-CRM: The Next Generation of Affordable, User-Friendly CRM. Power-CRM was designed by a […]
Why Use an Integration Platform for CRM Needs?

- The need to integrate software goes back… way back! But now there is such a multitude of software, platforms, and options that it almost drives you crazy.   You might get to a point in which you have a mix of cloud and on-premises, a mix of state-of-the-art software with very old legacy software… and how […]
What About Security between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint?

- One of the leading CRM systems nowadays is Microsoft Dynamics 365. Together with SharePoint, it provides great document collaboration features, and many organizations around the world already use them as a duet. In this post, we will discuss how to ensure security settings synchronization between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. It is going to be very […]
Track CRM usage and Team Performance by administering Dynamics 365 CRM User Adoption

- Any organization cannot emphasize enough on how crucial User Adoption is for any system. With proper user adoption the teams are able to perform better and be in sync with the system updates. Since, tracking each and every individual in a system is not easy, there can be a collective unit where these updates are […]
How Much Should You Pay For CRM? Ask the Quick Quote Wizard

- The CRM Software Blog Quick Quote Wizard has been providing working estimates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for many years, and more recently for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. As Microsoft updated it pricing at the end of last year, we’ve updated the CRM Software Blog’s Quick Quote tool. There are no longer “plans” or bundles of functionality […]
Customizing Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) Solution

- This is a rewritten version of an older blog post. As the information is still relevant today, we decided to revisit some of our older content and update it.   One of the main benefits of a customer relationship management solution is its flexibility and adaptability: it can be customized to enhance your processes and […]
Staying one step ahead of the competition with XRM and IIoT

- It is not easy to maintain that edge and stay one step ahead of the competition. This is the story of Noah Walker, a CRM consultant, that wanted to find a way to help Oliver Smith, production manager at a manufacturing facility, stay ahead of his competition.                 […]
Understanding the Azure Plan vs. Microsoft Azure

- Microsoft Azure (Class Azure) will be available through Nov 1st, 2020. Microsoft MSP and CSP partners are currently transitioning their Azure customers to the Azure plan and the modern commerce infrastructure before the deadline. Partners purchasing a new Azure offer in Partner Center must choose between Microsoft Azure or the Azure plan. Partners will not […]


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