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Browser Compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by Beringer Technology Group - Here at Beringer Associates, we deal with a great number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers.  Some, we have noticed, are using the Google Chrome web browser to access the CRM website.  Microsoft recommends Internet Explorer as the access point to the CRM web app, but customers have reported Google Chrome as a faster alternative.  However, […]
Setting up D365 Sales and SharePoint Integration

by WebSan Solutions Inc. - Setting up the native SharePoint integration in Dynamics 365 can greatly benefit your organization. SharePoint allows users to store files, organize them, and provide ease of access to their colleagues. One of the biggest upsides of enabling this integration is that SharePoint offers much more storage space then D365 Sales, so you do not need […]
5 Ways to Close Deals Faster Using Contract Management Software Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by - According to research by Forrester and Aberdeen, it takes an average of 3.4 weeks to get a contract approved, but using Contract Management software can reduce contract approval time an average of 82%. Deals don’t always close as fast as we’d like. The contract review, approval, and negotiation phase is all too often a sticking […]
The History of CRM: A Consultant’s Perspective – Part One

by XRM Vision - I’m evolving in the world of CRM Consultancy; for close to a decade my career mainly focused around Dynamics CRM Implementations. When my friend Felix Robitaille (CEO, XRM Vision) asked me to share my views and experiences in our corporate blog I didn’t really know where to begin so I decided to start from scratch […]
CRM metadata saved in SharePoint columns

by Dynamics Objects - CRM metadata saved in SharePoint columns The alternative & better CRM and SharePoint integration In previous post we promoted the idea of “CRM is from Mars, SharePoint is from Venus”(Read More...), which concludes that OOB CRM integration with SharePoint creates too many folders and sub-folders, while best practice is using metadata from CRM records and […]
The best CPQ integration for Dynamics

by Martin Spritzer, IQX - It doesn’t depend on who you ask: the best CPQ integration for Dynamics CRM has the specific feature sets listed here. If you’re a Dynamics reseller looking at adding CPQ to your offering, make sure it includes everything listed below — otherwise, you should tell that CPQ partner, “C U later.” Templates that reinforce a […]
Getting Started with PowerApps with Dynamics 365

by ACE Microtechnology - What is PowerApps? PowerApps was first introduced back in 2015, and was meant to address 3 problem areas: Not enough skilled mobile developers. Business data proliferation. IT agility and app sharing. According to Microsoft, PowerApps "is a service that lets you build business apps that run in a browser or on a phone or tablet, […]
Word Document Templates that use FetchXML for Complex Data Retrieval

by Rockton Software - Dynamics CRM now allows you to create and persist Document Templates using Microsoft Word. We were intrigued by this functionality and began to explore it immediately, but discovered one shortcoming. The user interface in CRM forces you to select a single starting entity and only entities that have a direct relationship for the data. But […]
Compare Dynamics 365 for Outlook versus Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

by Ryan Plourde, Crowe - Microsoft has two CRM applications that integrate with Microsoft Outlook. The name is almost the same, but there are specific differences. Dynamics 365 for Outlook Dynamics 365 App for Outlook Late in 2016 Microsoft released their latest Outlook add-on, Dynamics 365 App for Outlook (not to be confused with the original Dynamics 365 for Outlook) to […]
Dynamics 365 Client vs App for Outlook

by Beringer Technology Group - How many times have you checked your eMail today? I'm willing to bet that you're monitoring at least one of your eMail apps while you're reading this blog. The fact that most of us are glued to our eMail makes apps like Outlook an attractive destination to plug in new functionality. Microsoft offers many different […]


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