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Since 2005, Intellective has been solving complex business challenges with Fortune 1000 companies across multiple industries including healthcare, finance, insurance, and government. Our global team of elite technologists provides digital integration and transformation solutions to companies in North America and Europe.

We leverage our team’s collective experience to overcome data, process, and system integration challenges to help improve agility, enhance customer service, and promote greater competitive advantage.

Our strategic partners include Global Systems Integrators, ECM/BPM Services Providers, Line of Business Software Providers, and Technology Platform Companies including Microsoft. We work with our partners to help digitally transform their businesses by providing enterprise content searching, integration and migration to improve efficiency, reduce costs and drive business growth.

Intellective Unity for Dynamics combines the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, with Intellective’s enterprise search, to give you a complete view of your repositories, workflows and content. It is our belief information systems should work for you, not against you.

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