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Dynamics Objects
102, Sai Ranga Baskara Res
Miyapur, Hyderabad
Telangana - 500049
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Dynamics Objects

Dynamics Objects is a joint company, established in Hyderabad – India, between Ask-Distribution (Australia) and group of talented young software programmers, each has 3-5 years of experience, writing software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, for a well-known organization in the UK and USA.
Our motto is delivering software solutions fast, reliable & on-time at fraction of the cost of similar service provided in countries like the US, UK or Australia.

We also provide off the shelf add-ons solutions to Dynamics CRM. Between our most popular products are:

Dynamics PDF-Docs to PDF CRM 2016 Word Templates and schedule them with CRM Workflows

Dynamics Docs – easily create complex reports using Microsoft Word, with fields populated from CRM records

Dynamics Workflows – add on functionality to CRM Workflows

Dynamics portals – Create customer self-service portal linked with CRM

Dynamics Signature - Tool to design standard, consistent, and clean e-mail signature, that presents a professional appearance of your organization.

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