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At congruentX, a Microsoft Gold Partner from Atlanta, GA, our mission is to be the leader in helping companies align people and technology for business outcomes with a specific focus on CRM and the Power Platform.

This is a space where a focus on too large projects and too much technology has left companies in a position where their CRM cannot answer the questions their business is asking.

CongruentX helps businesses get CRM and the Power Platform right with a new approach.  Instead of a big project – which overwhelms users with features they can’t consume - our approach features a set of unique technology enabled service offerings focused on essential onboarding and our CX Pulse Subscription service.

To Get Started  – CongruentX offers a "Get CRM Right Challenge" in 30 days that brings the people who own the technology and the people who use technology together to drive measurable CRM outcomes with a 10X value in 30 days. Guaranteed. 


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