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What sets Azamba apart?

Small businesses don't have time or budget for fluff and failed investments. It's not rocket science or some amazing discovery on my part. It's pretty much common sense.

Yet, over and over, we see small businesses investing in CRM and spinning their wheels—mostly because they weren't prepared for the necessary steps.

Sometimes this is because they believe that CRM is as simple as "turn it on and get started" and they have tried to go it alone with no guidance.

Sometimes it's because they are being guided and advised, either by a highly paid consultant or an internal stakeholder, to do way too much to get started. Scope and budgets and time to launch can grow and grow with no return on investment in sight.

We have learned some hard lessons over the last 18 years helping small businesses implement CRM successfully and cost-effectively to reach their goals.

My team and I have helped more than 300 small businesses with CRM, and we do it with a fixed price model (no mystery "estimates" that quickly get exceeded) AND offer a money back guarantee to put our money where our mouths are.

We provide the following for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM customers:

  • Fixed price options to match your budget and needs
  • Proven, success-oriented methodology
  • Quick turnaround to getting up and running
  • Experience from hundreds of successful small business CRM implementations
  • Moneyback guarantee

We help clients from coast-to-coast in the United States, with particular expertise in distribution, manufacturing, and service industries.

If you are a small business manager or owner, and you are interested in improving your profitability and customer satisfaction, I would be happy to talk to you and share how we make this happen for you!

Reach me at pwolf@azamba.com or check out our YouTube channel for more information.

And if you are an IT services firm, MSP firm, or a Microsoft ERP reseller with your own client base, I would love to share with you how we help firms like yours bring CRM to their clients and create a win-win-win for you, the customers, and us. 90% of our business is from our partner network, and we take very good care of our partners!

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