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WhatsApp4Dynamics – Communicate in Real-Time with Your Preferred Messaging App

Integrate Dynamics 365 CRM with WhatsApp

Product Verticals: All Industries
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WhatsApp4Dynamics is a productivity app available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/Microsoft Dataverse (Power Apps) that helps easily send and receive WhatsApp messages.

A third-party integration allows users to integrate Dynamics 365 with WhatsApp. This integration enables businesses to communicate with their clients via WhatsApp directly from within Dynamics 365, streamlining communication processes and improving engagement.

WhatsApp4Dynamics users send and receive messages, view message histories and access customer information. This integration also allows automated messaging and response capabilities, further enhancing customer engagement and support.

Overall, WhatsApp4Dynamics is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve customer communication and engagement, particularly in the realm of mobile messaging.


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