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Time Tracking for Dynamics 365

Time and expense tracking add-on

Product Verticals: All Industries
Business Processes: Project Management, Resource Tracking

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Product Verticals: All, Professional Services

Business Processes: Time Tracking, Project Management, Ressource Management

An easy-to-use time tracking tool for your team members.

Most of your employees will probably consider time tracking a tedious and time-consuming task. The right tool can make the difference here. Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 extends Dynamics 365 time tracking functionalities, particularly for Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation. It is simple to use and your employees can quickly create, edit and submit their daily time entries, as well as absences or vacations. Expenses, too, can be recorded in the same intuitive manner.

Benefits of Time Tracking for Dynamics 365

  • Each user can manage their time entries in their personal calendar view.
  • From an individual tree view, the users can choose the right project and assignment to which they want to add a recording.
  • There is room to leave an optional note to further specify the booking.
  • Expenses can be tracked in the same view as time entries.
  • Statistics show targets compared to actual efforts and expenses.
  • Users can edit their records if needed and submit several time entries at once.
  • Project managers can view and edit the time entries of their team members as well.
  • The status of each entry is indicated by a different color.

Clean time recording pays off

A proper recording of working hours is crucial, especially if you do project work and invoice project working hours to your customers. Accurate time tracking leads to flawless invoices and satisfied customers.

But knowing the hours your team members spent on different tasks is valuable for your internal planning, too. Based on the needed time for past assignments and projects, you can estimate future projects more precisely and thus plan more efficiently.

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