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TelephoneIntegration: Connect your phone to Dynamics 365

Product Verticals: All Industries
Business Processes: Customer Management, Customer Service, Lead Tracking

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Connect your phone to Dynamics 365 to get Click-2-Dial, Caller-recognition, Screen-Pops and more

Whether it's about having all calls tracked in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or just about making dialing out of Dynamics 365 easier - There is a lot of value in having your phone system connected to your Dynamics 365 environment.

Capture and track phone calls

  • Caller Recognition: Display information about the caller when receiving calls
  • Screen Pops: Automatically open records or new activities
  • Auto creation of Dynamic 365 records: Create new records or activities on incoming calls

Simplify dialing

  • Click-2-Dial support for phone numbers and via the command bar
  • ‘Dialing from related records’ starts calls from e.g. opportunities or cases related to your contacts

Additional features

  • Call statistics inside Dynamics 365: Analyze your calls based on Dynamics 365 dashboards
  • The Power-Dialer: Based on campaign activities, the Power-Dialer enables semi-automated call queues
  • Supports Unified Service Desk (USD): Full integration into USD

Supported phone systems

  • SIP Client (connect via VoIP thanks to our built-in SIP Client wrapper)
  • TAPI driver enabled phone systems like Cisco, Alcatel, Siemens and many more
  • Skype for Business
  • RingCentral
  • Interactive Intelligence
  • ...

Test the compatibility of your phone system

It is recommended to first test the compatibility of your phone system with the Phone Test Tool (Please find more information under Details + support above).

You´re not a TelephoneIntegration user yet? Don´t worry - Start your 14 days FREE trial today!

All features and support included! No payment is required! 

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