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SMS Integration for Dynamics 365

Product Verticals: All Industries
Business Processes: Customer Management, Customer Service, Help Desk, Marketing, Service Work Order Tracking

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Connect with your customers easily within your Dynamics 365

Connecting with your customers via phone calls and emails can be time consuming. Phone calls can only cater to one individual and is often intrusive in the side of the customers. On the other hand, they will never have the chance to read emails lost in the inbox or sent to spam folder.

Introducing SMS Integration for Dynamics 365 - a SaaS product that integrates SMS to your CRM and lets you send messages within your system. Send targeted messages whenever, wherever.

Why SMS Integration for Dynamics 365?

Accelerate your sales cycle

Get real-time attention and drive customer activity with direct communication through SMS. Send your message directly to your customers' mobile phone screen to get immediate response from them.


Simplify your communications

Streamline your processes and setup automatic SMS workflow to track your SMS conversion in one place. You no longer need to setup manually for all the messages that you need to send. The workflow can easily collect your customers' response and send confirmation message right then and there.


Maximize your ROI

Connect your customers with personalised messaging to achieve stronger results. Personalised messages have a higher rate for conversion rather than a generic one.




About Magnetism Solutions

Magnetism Solutions are a Microsoft Gold Partner aimed at helping you create great relationships with your customers. Over 15 years, we have built multiple products to complement Dynamics 365. Our range of add-ons are designed to provide you with additional functionality, customization options, and integrations that will help you get the most out of the Power Platform.





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