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Smart Alerts for Dynamics CRM by AppJetty

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Get important notifications of any events, tasks, appointments, etc. via simple alerts or pop-ups at the entered time to save you from many unwanted situations. Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM alerts plugin comes with Twilio API integration to keep you updated with SMS alerts.

You can create and share these alerts with your team for the right communication, proper information flow, and efficient work flow. This helps in making right decisions too. The alerts can be viewed to those who are given access for it. You can create, edit, save, and share alerts with its start and expiry dates. It's remarkable features are a follows:

Criteria Alerts

You can create specific or individual CRM records to help you stay updated with all the necessary changes. You can even share the information to notify your users about upcoming events, holidays, etc., you can create limited access alerts for specific tasks to specific users.

Bulk Alerts

You can create bulk notifications with our global notification feature. This way, you can create multiple alerts for multiple reminders.

SMS Alerts

With Twilio API integrated alerts and notifications, you can get notification alerts on your cell phone directly. You can even generate or change and send alerts to your team for saving deadlines and serving up-to-date customer services.

Announcement Type Alerts

Bid a farewell to the tedious activity of sending an update about a task or activity via emails. Instead, you can simply create an announcement-type global alerts through our plugin and notify everyone or a specific group about the updates. You can even configure the alert levels and notify all the intended users through one window.

Change-Based Alerts

You can create change-based alerts which will notify you as soon as a CRM gets updated. You can create and change these alerts to automatically notify the assigned team about the same. This helps in clear communication and transparent information exchange.

User Selection Alerts

You can send specific information alerts to specific people too. This plugin helps you to safely send alerts to the specific person regarding any precise or confidential information.

View Alerts

With an intuitive dashboard, you can view the summary of your alerts on the dashboard. Every created and updated alert for a particular user or a group is available on the dashboard. This will help you monitor all the alerts for various entities from one dashboard.

Track Users Activity on Alerts

You can even track the activities of your team and can even receive their accessed alerts too. This lets you monitor the user's actions and their productivity. You can know who reads or dismisses the alerts.

Smart Alerts For Dynamics CRM

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CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365
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 3 reviews
byJames onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

This plugin helps with managing all the notifications and alerts in just one click. If you are using CRM then this is the best for you.

byJason onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

This plugin helps you set and update alerts in CRM. Along with the plugin the team is also very easy to talk to. It felt like we were on the same page from our first call with them. Their suggestion and guidance really helped complete the integration seamlessly.

byOlivar onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

It was hard for me to manage notifications and alerts on a daily basis. But then, I discovered Smart Alerts for Dynamics 365 and the problem went away. I would certainly recommend it.


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