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proMX 365 for Construction

Construction-specific project management solution

Product Verticals: Architecture, Construction
Business Processes: Project Management, Resource Tracking

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Product Verticals: Construction

Business Processes: Resource Management, Project Management, Project Controlling

Improve your construction management with the industry-specific capabilities of proMX 365 for Construction.

Construction companies have a lot to gain from digital transformation, as the right solution can save architects and engineers a lot of time and render construction projects more efficient. proMX 365 for Construction is a solution specifically designed for the construction industry. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations, it extends and modifies its default functionalities to fit the specific needs of construction companies.

Business tasks that can be accomplished with proMX 365 for Construction

You will benefit from industry-specific features in every project stage, from the initiation of a new project to project execution and delivery to final controlling.

  • Create custom entities to clearly define your opportunities with construction-specific categories.
  • Specify the building type for each project.
  • Monitor milestones, project progress, chargeable and actual hours, and KPIs of your construction projects.
  • Record working hours and expenses.
  • Create time entries from anywhere in the system with the Quick Create feature.
  • Enter potential risks to calculate a risk matrix for your construction project.
  • Benefit from the customized business process flow to maintain projects at different stages.
  • Create flawless bills based on project specifics and cost rates.

Improved project management workflows will not only save you and your team time but will also increase your customers’ satisfaction. Thanks to reliable planning and precise estimations, you will be able to finish your projects on time and within budget.

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