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Project Gantt for Dynamics 365

Tool to enhance project structuring and planning

Product Verticals: All Industries
Business Processes: Project Management

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Product Verticals: Professional Services

Business Processes: Project Management

Structure and coordinate your projects effortlessly with Project Gantt for Dynamics 365.

Proper planning is essential for successful project delivery and, eventually, customer satisfaction. Project Gantt for Dynamics 365 extends the project management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation. The proMX add-on Project Gantt for Dynamics 365 enables you to organize and monitor multiple projects from multiple customers in one view. Visualize dependencies between work packages and check project progress in the controlling mode. All these easy-to-use features help you finish projects on time and on budget.

Business tasks that can be accomplished with Project Gantt for Dynamics 365

Various features help project managers plan, edit and control their projects thoroughly. With Project Gantt they can:

  • Create new projects on the Gantt chart.
  • Visualize dependencies between work packages by connecting them.
  • Edit current projects by adding tasks or resources, or changing durations.
  • Mark milestones or other relevant events with symbols on the Gantt charts.
  • Check the project progresses in the controlling mode; different colors mark the status of your project KPIs.
  • Look at several projects and even different customers in one view to understand the big picture.
  • Generate realistic and reliable customer quotes based on a clear Gantt structure.

Project Gantt for Dynamics 365 is embedded seamlessly in your Dynamics 365 environment so you never have to leave the app to handle all your project management tasks.

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