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PortalXpand – A Dynamics 365 Customer Portal by CRMJetty

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CRMJetty is a champ when it comes to portals and CRM. With more than 15 years of experience, the company provides portal solutions to businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Their robust, flexible, scalable solutions offer a great user experience.

One such solution by CRMJetty is PortalXpand. It is a Dynamics 365 Portal that is ready to integrate and easily customizable as per your unique requirements.

The portal is entirely self-configurable. You can use different themes and widgets and customize the portal the way you want. Without a lot of effort, and in just a few steps, you can have a Dynamics 365 portal that matches your needs.

Given below are a few features that can help you build the portal.

Drag and drop: It is a crucial feature that makes creating a portal easy. With PortalXpand, you can drag and drop templates, sub-grids, and layouts and ultimately build a portal all by yourself.

Configurable widgets: The portal equips you with a variety of dynamic widgets using which you can build your portal in no time!

Design layouts: With the help of PortalXpand, you can create as well as customize design templates for pages, sites, banners, etc. You can choose from different layouts.

Enhanced content management: You can decide the entities you want to give access to. That way, you can securely share data.

Apart from these, PotalXpand also gives you various other functionalities that you need in a portal. For instance, with a custom dashboard, admins can get complete control. They can view and manage various activities as per their requirements.

It also enables streamlined user management. Admin can add user roles and define access rules for each user. Additionally, role-based access enhances security.

PortalXpand is a mobile-friendly portal. The responsive interface helps you enrich the customer experience by allowing users to access the portal whenever and wherever they want. The portal is also highly flexible. For a smooth workflow, you can integrate third-party applications.

What’s truly impressive about PortalXpand is the interface. The portal is extremely easy to use. The intuitive interface ensures that users do their tasks in an error-free manner. It doesn’t matter if you are not too well-versed with technology.

Compared with other solutions in the market, PortalXpand is an economic option. Its pricing policy is direct, with no hidden or additional charges. It does not have user-based pricing. So, you need not worry about paying more if your user base grows.

Learn more about PortalXpand, and how it can benefit your business by clicking here.

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 19 reviews
byAlex onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

It is great to have continuous support from the support team.

byAsuka onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

With this customer portal for Dynamics 365 Portal, I can better interact with my customers and my team.

byCarter onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

A great, easy-to-use that worked great for us. Easily integrated with Dynamics 365 portal.

byCharles onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

I am glad you find this valuable!
Great product. Support and customer service are excellent.

byDavid onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Easily accessible information is displayed. The customer service department provided me with great support.

byHenry onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

No effort is spared when customizing the site by the team. This PortalXpand is absolutely great and professional.

byJamison onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

It was an excellent platform to work with and the team I worked with was excellent.

byJessica onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Fast tech support. Recommended for those who want a functional solution for their employees and clients.

byJonas onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

So far, my experience has been excellent, as it has been highly beneficial and helpful.

byJoseph onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

I highly recommend this portal. It has provided us with a very best cost-effective solution for engaging customers in a meaningful way, Integrates easily and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

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