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Mobile Time Tracking for Dynamics 365

Time tracking on the go based on Outlook calendar

Product Verticals: All Industries
Business Processes: Project Management, Resource Tracking

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Product Verticals: All, Professional Services

Business Processes: Time Tracking, Project Management, Ressource Management

Comfortably track your working hours on the go based on your Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments.

Mobile Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 is an add-on for Dynamics 365 Project Operations that lets you create precise time entries based on your Outlook appointments or from scratch. The solution is accessible via browser or as a mobile app from any device connected to the internet. That is particularly practical if you happen to be on the road a lot.

Besides Microsoft Outlook, the solution is synchronized with the app Microsoft To Do so you can check your to-do list, too. Furthermore, it displays your current projects so you cannot only see everyone involved but can book hours directly to the correct project from there.

Mobile Time Tracking follows a logical structure and you can start using it right after implementation without any introduction.

Business tasks that can be accomplished with Mobile Time Tracking

Time tracking usually is a rather dreaded, but indispensable task that has to be performed by every team member. Mobile Time Tracking includes helpful and practical features to make time recording more efficient:

  • Convert Outlook calendar appointments into time entries with just a few clicks.
  • Stay on top of your projects thanks to the project overview showing milestones and the remaining days until project completion.
  • The status of your bookings is indicated by different colors.
  • You have the option to recall time entries if you made a mistake.
  • Tick off finished tasks from your Microsoft To Do app in the solution.

Accurate time bookings lead to flawless invoices

Decent time tracking is crucial, especially for professional services providers that invoice project working hours to their customers. Provide your team members with an appropriate tool that supports them with their daily time tracking to improve not only the accuracy of your invoices, but also the satisfaction of your customers and employees.

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