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Map My Relationships - Dynamics 365 Mind Map View

Visualize CRM Entity records into Relationship map

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Map My Relationships is a Microsoft preferred productivity app that offers Dynamic 365 users ability to visualize relationship between entities or related records in a simple and schematic way i.e. through Mind Maps. It enables users to visualize key information in Dynamics 365 CRM with the help of two custom controls i.e., Relationships control and Connections control. Using these two, users can visualize relationships between various Entities/related records and also view the connection records. It provides easy navigation to related records and enables to quickly record various activities like phone call, email or appointment for the related records. Users can thus, get information at a glance leading to swift action and timely completion of various tasks.

Below are some of the top features of Map My Relationships:

  • Support for 1:N, N:1 as well as N:N information.
  • Configure connection control to create, update, view and delete the connection records and view the connections in user’s preferred format - grid/card/relationship view.
  • Get a 360 degree view of records.
  • Perform quick actions from the mind map itself.
  • Support for grouping and viewing aggregate values.
  • Support to add color legends to easily identify connection roles
  • Get quick summaries of any record details.
  • Drill down to N-level through the records within the relationship view and create a connection.
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Map My Relationships
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 4 reviews
byCarissa Burlakos onMap My Relationships
Highly Recommend!

VHB, Inc. needed a solution that allowed users the ability to view relationship connections at-a-glance. We researched many tools and not one of them met our needs until we discovered Map My Relationships with Inogic. Sam and his team responded very quickly to my inquiries about the product and provided in-depth responses. Not only was the team quick to respond, but they provided superb customer service by working with us to develop and add new features to the tool that enabled us to create and tailor a solution to fit VHBs requirements. We have had nothing but positive reactions and feedback from our end users. I highly recommend working with Inogic and implementing the Map My Relationships tool. They certainly go above and beyond!

byJay Jandrey onMap My Relationships
Easy Setup

Installed this tool recently to be able to give users a graphical display of relationships between various entities. The setup process was relatively easy. I reached out to Inogic with some questions and they were quick to respond and assist me in areas where I needed guidance.

byPadraic Heneghan onMap My Relationships
Excellent tool for visualizing relationships in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

We have been using this tool to help our customers visualize the relationships between entities in their Dynamics and Power Apps environments e.g. stakeholder impact, vendor/org unit relationships, contracts. The visualizations are very impactful and the product is easy to install and intuitive to configure. Inogic has been great to work with. I highly recommend this tool.

by화영 명 onMap My Relationships
Great Solution and you can expect more than your imagination!!

Before opting the solution I thought it's a simple map between records because the configuration is very easy and simple. After finishing the configuration I was a lot suprised because it showed unlimited relation among entities and records. I appreciate Inogic help and support as they are very quick and generous and kind.


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