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Kanban Board for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Product Verticals: All Industries
Business Processes: Customer Management, Customer Service, Help Desk, Human Resources, Lead Tracking, Marketing, Project Management, Resource Tracking, Service Work Order Tracking

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Convert your CRM Records into Kanban Cards

Interactive Kanban Board Add-on for Dynamics 365 CRM offers you an intuitive Kanban view of all your CRM Records across entities and business processes. This add-on is not only visually appealing but provides insights into your organizational workflows. This increases Dynamics CRM adoption and boosts productivity by adding Kanban view for your processes.

This add-on has features like lane metrics which get automatically recalculated as records move from one lane to the next. The records can be moved by a simple drag and drop. In addition, you also get different color schemes for the Kanban swimlanes and cards. Interactive Kanban Board for Dynamics CRM developed by Soluzione gives you the ability to enable the Kanban view on all entities. These entities can be Account, leads, activities, contacts, and more.


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