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Infinity Lookup for Dynamics 365

Product Verticals: All Industries
Business Processes: Accounting, Customer Management, Customer Service, Help Desk, Marketing

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Maintain accurate records across all your Dynamics 365 with Infinity Lookup

Introducing Infinity Lookup - Multi Lookup for Dynamics 365 - an easier way for you to fill out your CRM data fields with accurate data using multi lookups. Check out the benefits of the product below:

Auto search function

You no longer need to type the whole info in the field. The lookup list will automatically show you the list of suggested entries with its auto search function.


Add existing Dynamics 365 lookup values

You can view values added in each field individually and add more existing values if you need to. No coding needed!

Add non-existent values

You can add non-existent values directly and automatically in the list while you are filling out information. No need for coding!

Use existing Dynamics 365 lookup values in new accounts

You no longer need to code a new set of lookup list for new accounts created within your system.

Multiple values in one field

You can input not just one but multiple values in one field.

Watch how the product works in this video:


About Magnetism Solutions

Magnetism Solutions are a Microsoft Gold Partner aimed at helping you create great relationships with your customers. Over 15 years, we have built multiple products to complement Dynamics 365. Our range of add-ons are designed to provide you with additional functionality, customization options, and integrations that will help you get the most out of the Power Platform.





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