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Holiday Management for Dynamics 365

Product Verticals: All Industries
Business Processes: Human Resources, Project Management, Resource Tracking

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With Holiday Management you can define different absence types and request holidays for you and other users. For certain holiday types such as vacation, Holiday Management calculates how many working days you have requested, how many days have been approved, and how many days are remaining for a given year.

Holiday Management enables you to

  • define business closures for all users and time off for individual users
  • record national specific holidays automatically and not have to constantly update holidays in calendars one by one
  • define a list of holidays per country or region and apply them to a defined group of users
  • automatically add holidays to users’ calendars as time off, so they appear as non-working days on your Schedule Board.
  • achieve accurate resource planning as project tasks cannot be planned on non-working days in the system


Why proMX? 

proMX has established itself as a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner and a trusted advisor for digital transformation. We assist organizations in implementing Dynamics 365 and related technologies, but also develop our own compatible solutions.  

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