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Dynamics CRM Integration for Support & Engineering

Connecting Support & Development Made Easy

Product Verticals: All Industries, Software
Business Processes: Customer Management, Customer Service, Data Integration, Help Desk, Project Management, Service Work Order Tracking

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Case Management Workflow

The most common scenario is the escalation of bugs or issues that require development resources to fix. You can search dev apps, link cases to existing work items or "send cases" to engineering where a new work item is automatically created. Once development completes the work, CRM cases are synchronized with key work item information --- complete with CRM update notifications.


1. Escalate To Development: Escalate cases that need development to solve. Establish bidirectional links between cases and development work items.

2. Search & Link From CRM: Nobody likes duplicates! Before sending to development and creating a new work item, search for similar work items first. If it's a match, link the case!

3. Development Work Items/Issues: Based on case field values, automatically create "new" work items (or issues) --- in the right projects! Supports all templates and work item types.

4. View Development Status In CRM: Once a dev work item is created or a dev link is established, support can view work item status and other fields (configurable) --- all within CRM!

5. Map System & Custom Fields: Point and click to map fields between CRM and developer app. You can configure any number or fields, in any direction, be they system or custom fields.

6. Bonus! Automatic CRM Notifications: Development works hard! When they update or complete work items, CRM is automatically populated to reflect the new status or update.

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