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Did you know that a simple CRM plugin can help you to plan and manage your entire day efficiently? Well, it is possible with Dynamics Calendar 365 that connects to your CRM, enabling you to manage all the data on one system. You can manage your daily tasks, teams, clients, sales, etc., from one CRM plugin. 

You can schedule or reschedule your day through a simple login. As an admin, you can even have a look at your employee's calendars to assign them the tasks and plan meetings accordingly. The admin can assign the tasks to the team members from our Calendar plugin and share it with them easily. 

Your employees can also add their leaves from this Calendar plugin which you can accept from the same.

Dynamics Calendar 365 makes setting reminders for meetings, events, etc., easy to manage in one Calendar. Plus, with real-time reminders, you and your team will never miss a meeting or an event. You can even save multiple calendars as templates and use or share them when required.

Our Calendar plugin comes with a language translator to ease your communication with foreign clients. 

Our plugin is fully configurable, which means you don't have to compromise with the default dashboard having limited configurations. Instead, you can personalize your own dashboard. Here, you can keep all the necessary entities, schedules, activities, etc., as per your requirement.

AppJetty's Calendar plugin provides multiple device support like mobile phones, tablets, and desktops so that you can operate this plugin from your device of comfort..

With the support of PowerApps (CDS), this Calendar plugin promotes smooth resource management and displays neat calendar sheets with separate scheduled, ongoing, and completed activities of every team member. This way, the whole team can be on the same page. 

Create and Manage Multiple Activities

With Dynamics Calendar 365, you can create multiple activities in one calendar, whether it is an event, appointment, or task. You can even edit and save the custom activities.

Quick Multiple Actions

You can reassign an event or a task to any user or team easily by sharing the edited calendar schedule with the team or client.

Activity Filtration

You can set the status of a task according to the priorities like: open, scheduled, canceled, etc., which will help you to manage those activities in an advanced way. You can even filter contacts, accounts, and other modules of accounts too. 

Resource Scheduling

As an admin, you can access the records of your team's working hours, break timings, completed tasks, etc. With a resource scheduling feature, your team can update breaks, leaves, tasks, activities, and their status in the calendar. 

Productive Calendar Views

You can view lists, schedules, etc., with our Calendar plugin. It has more than four types of views of the calendar with detailed pop-ups and tooltips. This feature is developed by keeping every industry in mind.

Drag and Drop Reschedule

This feature helps you to schedule, reschedule, assign or re-assign the tasks and events easily. You can simply drag and drop the activity from one day to another to include the task in another day's schedule.

Cut down on the constant and tedious back and forth between CRM modules and calendar with our Dynamics 365 Calendar plugin. Streamline your and your team's daily activities seamlessly with us today!

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CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365
Average rating:  
 18 reviews
byAnonymous onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 All-in-One Calendar is a versatile and user-friendly tool that seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365, offering multiple viewing options, customizable color coding, and useful features such as recurring events, task lists, and weather forecasts. Highly recommended for anyone needing a more powerful calendar solution.

byHemangi Patel onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

The best and easy-to-use solution!

byBenjamin onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

The best thing is that we can schedule and manage all activities directly from the calendar. Worth Using!

byBobby onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Great tool to manage daily schedules!

byBrandon onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

This plugin is loaded with functionalities. It seamlessly integrates with the Dynamics CRM. The team also made a few paid custom changes as per my requirement. The team was very helpful and proactive.

byDanielle onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

I am very happy after using this tool and with staff and support team too. All are very supportive.

byDonald onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Managing and scheduling all activities is just a click away. I would give an A+ to this plugin. Highly Recommended!

byBrandon Mickie onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Nice tool for managing daily activities. The support provided by the team has been excellent.

byGloria onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Time saving tool to manage a daily routine activities.

byDavid Miller onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Seamless experience with this plugin with multiple built-in functionalities.

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