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Dynamics 365 Stock Management by AppJetty

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AppJetty’s MS Dynamics 365 Stock Management Plugin helps manage stock and purchase records efficiently. How? By streamlining and automating manual tasks like creating orders and invoices. Stock Management is a native and ready-to-integrate solution for any Dynamics 365 customer. It helps streamline the Dynamics CRM Inventory Management functions like order management, stock management, etc.

There might be times when you might have to cancel the order as there are not enough stock in the inventory. But with our plugin, you will never have to face this issue. With our Inventory Management Software, you will get alerts whenever the stock goes down than the minimum count. This way, you can keep a track of stocks and never go out of stocks.

With AppJetty's Dynamics 365 Purchase Management Plugin, you can even keep a track of the inward and outward stock flow. And you can generate the POs and invoices based on the stock requirements and book inventory with a single click.

You can get stock, supplier, and warehouse details from one place - our plugin. The dashboard of our Microsoft Dynamics Stock Management shows you a 360-degree view of your inventory, and you can easily access any relevant product data from here.

With the use of Dynamics CRM Inventory Management solution, you will see results like lower inventory holding costs, decreased inventory write-offs, etc. Yes, bringing down your operational and inventory cost is a significant benefit of using our plugin.

Stock Management
It manages stock records, including inward and outward going stock, purchase stock, low stock notifications, and refilling details too. You can set a limit after which this plugin will notify you to refill your stock.

Sales Revenue Overview
It even lets you see the purchase and sales graph of the selected timeline with customer details. So that you can plan marketing strategies accordingly by knowing your customers’ interests. This even helps you in planning inventory and meeting up the demands.

Proper RMA Management
Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is always a tricky process, but not in this case. You can manage RMA easily, even after fulfilling orders. You can provide fast returns by managing stocks even for RMA.

Warehouse Management
This plugin offers you Warehouse Management for managing products according to their belonging warehouses. You just need to add a new warehouse and add products, transfer the stock and that's it.

Inventory Reports
You can get all the detailed till-date reports of your inventory on different warehouses from one single plugin. It includes names of customers and stock suppliers, transaction details, products in warehouses, and all the reports too.

Intuitive Dashboard
One dashboard is more than enough to provide you with all the details. Inline, partial, and canceled orders every detail can be accessed through the dashboard itself. It gives you an inventory summary to get a 360 degree overview of your inventories, sales, suppliers, and customers.

Install this smart plugin to make your stock management more efficient!


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 3 reviews
byElijah onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

I was facing trouble managing inventory, but then someone suggested this plugin, and it’s now easy to manage all the inventory in just one go with the Stock Management Plugin

byMaria onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Helps in managing purchase orders and invoice management. A responsive team to serve asap. Works perfectly with my Dynamics CRM.

bySam onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Yes, you heard it right! A stock management plugin lets you manage your daily inventory with ease. There is no possibility of errors. Highly recommended!


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