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DeDupeD - Detect and Merge Dynamics 365 CRM Duplicate Records

Prevent Duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM Records

Product Verticals: All Industries
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DeDupeD is a data hygiene app for detecting and preventing duplicate records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse. It can detect duplicates for not only Account, Lead, Contact, or Case but for any Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM entities be it OOB or Custom. With its amazing features, users can set rules to prevent duplicates and clean up historical duplicate data in bulk. It also identifies duplicates on field and column changes, providing real-time deduplication for users to achieve their data cleanliness goals.

Key features of DeDupeD are as follows:

  • Identify duplicates within the same entity as well as across different entities (OOB or Custom).
  • Prevent the likelihood of duplicate entries by using custom rules.
  • Easily merge duplicate CRM records of the same entity into a consolidated record.
  • Clean up historical duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM records in bulk.
  • With a user-friendly deduplication interface, make it simple for users to perform necessary actions.
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