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DealHub Subscription Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Manage and Fulfill Subscriptions

Product Verticals: All Industries
Business Processes: Subscription Management
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DealHub’s subscription management solution unifies your product-to-cash process to unlock recurring revenue and drive faster growth.

DealHub seamlessly connects the quoting, and activation of subscription services, enabling you to automate subscriptions, renewals, recurring payments, upselling and cross-selling, co-terming, quoting, and revenue recognition.

Subscription Management streamlines your revenue recognition processes by eliminating manual tasks and automatically collecting all the existing contract information.

  • Automatically create renewal opportunities 
  • Renew and co-term contracts within your Microsoft Dynamics CRM opportunity
  • Track and manage current customer subscriptions 
  • Track the additional products and amendments sold
  • View the customer journey
  • Prorate subscriptions 
  • Actively upsell and cross-sell new products 
  • Automate terms according to products sold and existing terms 
  • Provide your teams with all the information they need to renew
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 3 reviews
byanonymous onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

DealHub made subscription management a breeze. Everything is automated and triggered so our sales and CS know exactly when there’s an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity. DealHub standardized the whole process for us, and it shows results.

byanonymous onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365
Best Subscription Management

We have thousands of products and services, which can all make up different bundles by time, number of users, type of subscription etc. DealHub’s Subscription Management helps us take advantage of every opportunity.

byanonymous onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

The best platform for sales reps: Clear, fast, and very flexible. Automating subscription management alone has made a big difference to our bottom line. Do yourself a favor and get it today.


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