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DealHub DealRoom for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Goodbye PDFs. Hello DealRoom

Product Verticals: All Industries
Business Processes: Proposal Management
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Accelerate B2B sales by collaborating with buyers and stakeholders in a single digital location.

With a branded and fully customizable DealRoom for every unique customer, your sales team will close large and small deals more effectively. Our DealRoom provides real-time interactive communications and dynamic content sharing – with all of our proprietary deal-closing solutions in one location.

Your DealRoom is a centralized sales hub for important details, files, and updates – from product and pricing summaries to approvals and contracts – so you can deliver a concise and personalized sales experience.

Now you can eliminate manual processes, and keep buyers and sellers informed, aligned and ready to move forward.

Automatic syncing pulls relevant information from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM into your DealRoom – ensuring 100% data capture and saving hours for your sales team, so they can focus on what they do best: selling.

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byanonymous onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

DealHub’s DealRoom freed us from chasing emails and tracing versions. It provides a hub for all deal documents that both buyers and sellers can see and interact with. The process now flows better because everyone is always on the same page.

byanonymous onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365
Great adition to our CRM

Aside from being extremely useful in the deal process, DealRoom also provides great data which is automatically synced with our CRM system.

byanonymous onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Our customers love DealRoom. Everything they need is right there and they can view and comment in real-time. Our teams love DealRoom because it looks highly professional and gives a lot of insight about the deal- who signed, who still needs to, and any bottlenecks. It’s all there.


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