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Custom Auto Numbering for Dynamics CRM

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Solve the major challenges of managing auto numbering systems by custom auto numbering for Dynamics CRM. It provides you with automatic unique reference IDs for every entity in your CRM system.

You can generate auto numbers, Activate/Deactivate Auto Numbering, Control Records, Set Prefix/Suffix Length, Support Entities, and much more. Here you can customize the format of reference ID to suit your business needs.

Applicable to Multiple Entities

You can create unique and custom entities with our custom numbering tool for an array of entities in the system like case, accounts, quotes, projects, orders etc. You can even change the defined prefix and suffix for every entity.

Easy to Configure and Setup

Our plugin is incredibly easy to configure and set up. You will just need to read the instructions as described in the user manual, follow the steps, and configure the plugin using your license key.

Customize to Your Needs

Our brilliant developers have created Microsoft CRM autonumber plugin to suit any type of business requirements. So you don't have to worry about your industry, the format of auto numbering will be tailored according to your needs with our plugin.

Add Auto-Numbers

You can generate auto-numbers for your CRM records to add legible numbers.

Maintain Records

With MS Dynamics 365 Auto Numbering, you can define and control your record’s starting position easily for every entity.

Entity Management

Our Auto Numbering plug-in supports all entities including custom entities. You can easily activate or deactivate auto numbering for all entities in your CRM system. This plugin also enables you to define your preferred prefix and suffix length.

Custom Auto-Numbering

If your business has standard numbering formats then you can set a custom auto number having prefixes and number format in order to match your organization's needs.

A simple and code free auto numbering tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is here, try now!


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 3 reviews
byAdam onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

I am able to manage my CRM data more wisely and all thanks to AppJetty. Their support team helped me understand each and every functionality. They really understand customers' requirements and challenges.

byWilliam onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical about investing in plugins. However, the Custom Auto Numbering for Dynamics CRM plugin worked flawlessly for me. My purchase turned out to be a good one.

byNoah onCRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

Do you own a business and have trouble managing numbers? Don’t worry, custom auto numbering is the best option for any business.


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