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What are the Advantages of Customizing Your Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool?

A CRM application is useful in and of itself as it allows you to manage everything from your clients to your various contacts, not to mention help you handle your customer service process as well as marketing activities. But customized to fit and enhance your processes, your CRM will take your business to the next […]

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Project Service Automation for CRM – Planning and Delivery

Planning and Delivery of PSA In Part 1 of this series, we posted a brief introduction to the Project Service Automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This is Part 2 of a four-part series on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project Service Automation, or PSA, as it is more easily referred to. This part will dive a little […]

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The Role of the Modern CRM Platform – Loyalty and the Customer Experience

There was a time when leads and opportunities were managed within Excel sheets, or by using simple contact management software. Sales teams reacted to customer demands and worked from a set of scripts that helped direct them to what they needed. “The bulk of B2B purchasing decisions take place before a customer contacts a supplier.” Today’s customers are much more […]

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6 P’s of a Successful CRM Implementation – Choosing a Product and Partner

CRM implementation offers a rewarding step toward improving your business for both your customers and your employees. But a CRM implementation not driven by goals and proper planning can turn into an uphill battle to measure your ROI, as well as achieve the most benefits. Reaching your CRM goals is simply a matter of certain principles and […]

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Use Microsoft Azure to Create a Mini Data Warehouse

Usually when you hear the words “data warehouse” you think of big database servers and huge costs.  But with Microsoft Azure, you can easily set up a very simple data warehouse for very little cost and make that data available from just about anywhere. Most companies do not deal with billions of records and transactions […]

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Easily Program against Microsoft Dynamics CRM API, Even Using Open Source Platforms

If you've ever been frustrated trying to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your open-source website or content management system (CMS) due to the complexity of the application program interface (API), you might want to read this. A Little Coding Just a bit of coding can go a long way in reducing the CRM API to […]

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Why Do 30,000+ Businesses Worldwide Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM? (Infographic)

Over 30,000 businesses use Microsoft Dynamics CRM because they know that repeat customers are crucial to their success, and the way to get them to return is to satisfy them the first time. They have invested in CRM software to avoid letting their customers slip between the cracks of neglect. If you are reading this, […]

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EditAble CRM Grid Yields New Efficiencies for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users

Any organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM should check out AbleBridge’s EditAble CRM Grid. We’re extremely proud of it and our customers / partners are doing some amazing things with it. Check out a quick demo and let us know if you have any questions. Some Highlights: Easy to create and highly configurable Increases CRM information […]

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Why is Relationship Management Increasingly Important for the Construction Industry?

In previous articles I’ve talked a lot about the growing importance of CRM to the construction industry… and now I’ve got backup. The 2013 Construction Technology Report produced by JBKnowledge, which surveyed over 700 construction industry professionals, highlighted client relationship management as an area that is increasingly critical to project success but one that is […]

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Barcode Scanning and Inventory Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Video

By Barkley Busby Vice President, 2B Solutions, Inc If you are like most of our customers, you have specific needs around inventory management.  You need mobile barcode scanners in the warehouse and a database system to track the information that is scanned.  This probably includes vital inventory details like inventory quantities and location (bin location […]

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