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Why Do 30,000+ Businesses Worldwide Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM? (Infographic)

Over 30,000 businesses use Microsoft Dynamics CRM because they know that repeat customers are crucial to their success, and the way to get them to return is to satisfy them the first time. They have invested in CRM software to avoid letting their customers slip between the cracks of neglect. If you are reading this, […]

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EditAble CRM Grid Yields New Efficiencies for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users

Any organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM should check out AbleBridge’s EditAble CRM Grid. We’re extremely proud of it and our customers / partners are doing some amazing things with it. Check out a quick demo and let us know if you have any questions. Some Highlights: Easy to create and highly configurable Increases CRM information […]

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Why is Relationship Management Increasingly Important for the Construction Industry?

In previous articles I’ve talked a lot about the growing importance of CRM to the construction industry… and now I’ve got backup. The 2013 Construction Technology Report produced by JBKnowledge, which surveyed over 700 construction industry professionals, highlighted client relationship management as an area that is increasingly critical to project success but one that is […]

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Barcode Scanning and Inventory Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Video

By Barkley Busby Vice President, 2B Solutions, Inc If you are like most of our customers, you have specific needs around inventory management.  You need mobile barcode scanners in the warehouse and a database system to track the information that is scanned.  This probably includes vital inventory details like inventory quantities and location (bin location […]

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xRM Explained – Enabling an ‘Anything to Everything’ Relationship

Business is all about relationships - relationships between people and their needs, Establishing and maintaining their trust and providing people with valuable and memorable experiences is what business is all about.  These essential relationships include, of course, your clients, your employees, your shareholders, your prospects, your vendors, your community – the list goes on and […]

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3 Insider Tips for Using CRM To Increase Company Revenue

We now have tools  that make the sales processes I have used for the past 20 years so much simpler. In my first post I discussed the background, and now I want to share 3 simple ways you can use CRM software to increase your company's revenue. 1) Activities- Define the important high value activities for your […]

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Go Mobile with CRM – Increase Sales Values

There is a lot of information on the web about mobility.  But what does all of it mean and how does it relate to you and your sales team?  It’s important to start with the basics.  You are highly motivated to sell and want to close higher value sales.  What if your goal was to […]

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No matter the industry, every business is characterized by the interactions between four key relationships; people, products, services and money.  And no matter how large or how small a business is, every business needs some sort of system to efficiently manage information around these relationships. With over 40,000 members worldwide, iRacing has built a massive […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales Prospecting Automation

In past blogs, I have talked about the power of using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to deploy XRM solutions for our clients.  What is an XRM solution you ask?  Well if CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management then XRM stands for [Anything] Relationship Management.  What this means is that we can apply all of the great […]

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Why is Microsoft Dynamics CRM the Best Platform for a Project Management Tool?

The promise of Microsoft Dynamics CRM goes beyond sales and marketing. It’s a well-knit platform upon which our project management software is built. If you’re in the business of managing projects, consider it as a must-have feature, not a nice-to-have add-on. Recently, it caused a sensation when Kirill Tatarinov, president of Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS), […]

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