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Dynamic Values for Email Templates – Part 2

As a result of some great questions that I received on my first blog, Dynamic Values for Custom Entities in Email Templates, I wanted to write a follow up blog highlighting the resolutions to some of those inquires. I’m going to assume you’ve read the previous entry, which is posted above.   Template Types When creating a […]

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Word Document Templates that use FetchXML for Complex Data Retrieval

Dynamics CRM now allows you to create and persist Document Templates using Microsoft Word. We were intrigued by this functionality and began to explore it immediately, but discovered one shortcoming. The user interface in CRM forces you to select a single starting entity and only entities that have a direct relationship for the data. But […]

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8 Proven Steps for a Smooth Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade

The next time you do a Microsoft Dynamics CRM upgrade, you will likely transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365. But you will still be doing an upgrade. So it is good to be clear on the steps involved to make sure it is a successful upgrade. An upgrade is a finite project. There are milestones to complete […]

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Workaround for Generating a Report from SSRS and Displaying on Webpage

As I’ve been developing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I’ve come to learn that if there’s an issue, chances are it stems from report generation and SSRS. We were developing our new customer portal and as a part of the customizations, it required a report generated from CRM to be displayed on a webpage in the […]

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Email Signatures in CRM 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 update 1 brings with it many new service features, analytics features and productivity features.   There is one new bit of functionality that while minor, will have a big impact. The CRM team has given us the ability to easily create multiple personal email signatures. This is something we take for […]

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Dynamics CRM Workflows: Parallel Wait Branches

Imagine that your sales users are required to fill in an Estimated Close Date field on every opportunity that they create in Dynamics CRM, and you want to automatically create a reminder task for the sales user one week before the estimated close date. However, to avoid confusing your sales users with irrelevant tasks, you […]

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What’s New in CRM 2016 – Managed Solution Patches

CRM 2016 is here and it’s full of new enhancements! One of my favorites is the advances in the solutioning capabilities of CRM to allow for Managed Solution Patches. This new feature allows for a more granular approach when building solutions and deploying patches.  This feature can be incredibly useful when you want to deploy […]

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Must Know Dynamics CRM Tips and Tricks

MS Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce   Sign up for a free CRM course! Learn more about CRM's features Being part of the help desk support team affords me the opportunity to learn about little idiosyncrasies in Dynamics CRM and I like to pass along these sweet nuggets to our loyal blog readers in case you find […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pending Emails – Part 1 – User Account Issues

Throughout my support and maintenance activities for customers, a common request is to look into notifications in CRM that are “not being sent”. There are a lot of components and configuration items involved in the process of having CRM send out messages via email.  This blog focuses on some of the most common user-account-related issues that […]

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Outlook Crashes with CRM Client Enabled – In Terminal Server Session

Our team was recently presented with a puzzling issue for one user. Outlook would consistently crash when opened with the CRM client enabled. This was in a term server environment, and only 1 user was reporting the problem.     We tried the usual steps to un-configure and reconfigure the CRM Client and then do […]

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