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Dynamics CRM Success Stories

CRM Optimization: 4 New Ways To Increase The Value Of The Inside Sales Team

In this last of my series on CRM optimization and the evolving needs of our clients, recall that I began by writing about the shift in focus and expectations regarding CRM systems. It is amazing to see the changes an organization undergoes when they stop seeing their CRM as an administrative tool, and begin to […]

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CRM Optimization & Visibility: 6 Common Goals and Applications

In my first post, I introduced the concept of an organizational shift in focus regarding CRM systems, whereby the focus is not so much on the functional/tactical expectations (i.e., being a sales force automation tool), but rather on the desired business outcomes, and how this shift is driving solutions with greater efficacy. With this new […]

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Mobile Sales & Field Service Offline Mobile CRM for Dynamics CRM and Salesforce

Resco, a leading provider of cross-platform mobile CRM solutions to businesses of all sizes has made an announcement today. Their number one fully-fledged offline mobile CRM solution is available to the Salesforce community using mobile sales and field service. Thereby, extending their overall strategy and bringing a platform to any organization that utilizes Salesforce solutions […]

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Medical Device Manufacturer Follows Through on Commitment to Customers – 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

For manufacturers and distributors today, the relationship with the customer doesn’t end with the sale. Supporting customers with services, documentation or even a recall requires commitment after the sale. The challenge A medical device manufacturer serves a broad range of customers, from medical patients to athletes to health providers. With separate systems to manage different […]

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New White Paper: CRM Is Not Just for Salespeople – It Is for Your Customers!

Why is it that some people think CRM is just for salespeople? After all, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. And when it comes to customers, there are many people in your company who interact on a daily basis with your customers. Certainly not just salespeople. To illustrate how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online works across […]

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Coffee Distributor Communicates with Customers Across Channels – 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

Customers today expect to be able to communicate with vendors through multiple channels and on any device. The challenge A growing number of the hotels and specialty store customers of an upscale coffee processor and distributor were asking for easier ways to place orders than by phone. The solution To support multi-channel communications, the company […]

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Wine of the Month Business Builds Loyalty Through Data – 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

With easy access to all kinds of products through the internet, building loyalty with your customers takes attention to detail. The challenge A startup wine of the month business needed to keep track of subscriptions, manage products kept in multiple warehouses and build their business through smart marketing. The solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, integrated […]

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Healthcare Provider Visits the Elderly in Their Own Homes – 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

The hand held devices available today combined with cloud software are breaking down the walls around all kinds of services—which can be delivered just as well in the field as they can in the office. The challenge Responding to the growing percentage of elderly patients in their practice, a regional healthcare provider started a home-visit […]

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Bike Manufacturer Helps Distributors Sell More – 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

Building tighter relationships through better communication and shared marketing tools with your distributors can drive sales and goodwill. The challenge For a bicycle manufacturer, regional bike shops are an important part of their business. Competition was fierce, and the company wanted to build better relationships, but business owners were busy and didn’t want to spend […]

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Accounting Firm Simplifies Scheduling and Accelerates Billing – 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

In the professional services business, cash is king. Increase billable hours and reduce collection time for a winning cash flow combination. The challenge A regional accounting firm had lower utilization and slower collections than industry averages. Looking for the root of the problems, they identified inconsistent scheduling practices among their accountants and inefficient billing processes. […]

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