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Dynamics CRM for Sales

Sales Manager CRM Training

  Free Video Training for Sales Management on how to use CRM to manage your sales team. Over our 17-years of experience working with Sales leaders on CRM we find that many do not properly use the CRM system to manage the sales team. Inspect what you expect is very important related to sales management […]

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COVID-19, Business Continuity Planning & Dynamics 365 CRM

This Company Achieved Record Breaking Sales Thanks to COVID-19, but Couldn’t Keep Up. the Right CRM Solution Could Have Made All the Difference   In recent weeks, COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on businesses in virtually every industry. Many organizations are currently focused on business continuity: they’re concerned with how they can continue operating […]

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How to Customize the Account Entity for Marketing and Sales

Making the most of Microsoft Dynamics CE/CRM means having forms that support both marketing and sales efforts. Whether you’re triggering campaigns in your marketing automation platform based on field in Microsoft Dynamics or building marketing lists based on the data entered in each entity, your success starts with how you customize each entity to match […]

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How to Customize Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) Solution

We recently talked about the benefits of customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365: from fields to forms and various business processes and workflows, you can adapt almost anything to your specific needs and realitiesBy ensuring your customer relationship management solution works well with your organization’s business processes, you can increase productivity, efficiency and user adoption across your […]

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How to reduce RFP response times in D365

With RFP responses, the thinking is the early bird gets the worm… but being early isn't a guarantee. Sometimes, focusing purely on a speedy RFP response results in a sloppy RFP response, and the early bird leaves empty-handed (or is that empty-winged?). Getting a winning pitch in front of a client requires speed, professionalism, and […]

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Power-CRM Version Released

            Power-CRM update is now available. This version upgrade includes 17 bug fixes and 15 new functionality items. Along with version, we are also releasing the Power-CRM Sales Analysis App. This optional add-on solution is a full analytics app for Power-CRM containing 10 full dashboards/reports and over 70 charts/graphs/KPI's. […]

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Light at the end of the funnel: managing remotely, managing by proposal

The CRM is a sales manager’s “eyes upon the world.” Every lead your team is working, every opportunity in the pipeline, every task and activity can be seen, and acted upon. Whether they’re working remotely, as most every sales rep is doing in these trying times, or on-site. New to managing remotely? Here’s where you […]

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In-Person Selling is Out: Guide to Virtual Selling for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Leaders

Our hearts go out to those whose family members have fallen ill, as well as to those impacted by closures and layoffs. Many of us have family and businesses to worry about and care for. As VP of sales for a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE partner located in Toronto, Canada, I’ve been able to […]

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Territory Management within Dynamics 365 CRM on Maps – Align territories to balance workload among sales and service reps!

In our previous, blog we have seen how with the help of creating territories sales managers can distribute workload amongst the sales team. With the distribution of work load every sales person has a clear picture of what prospects they need to chase and what strategy they need to follow to generate maximum sales. This […]

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Beyond Sales Proposal Templates: Create Dynamic Sales Proposals in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

The last time you sent a proposal to a prospective customer, did the scene play out like this? You spent 20 minutes finding the right sales proposal template, or worse, copying a previous proposal. Then you spent another 30 minutes personalizing it and double-checking that every blank is filled in and mention of other customers […]

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