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Techdio's Logo Data Quality App for Dynamics 365 Data Governance - Wonderful Copenhagen Case Study

Wonderful Copenhagen, the official tourism organization for The Capital Region of Denmark, plays a crucial role in promoting and developing tourism within the region. Their efforts span both business and […]

Techdio's Logo Importance of Data Quality in Marketing!

In the marketing world, good data quality isn’t a luxury, it’s the currency that buys you relevance and engagement. Don’t skimp on it! What is Marketing, and What’s Its Purpose? […]

Techdio's Logo How to Identify Duplicates in Dynamics 365 with New Phonetic Algorithm

Phonetic Match – As a business, having accurate and organized data is crucial to your success. It enables you to make informed decisions, maintain good customer relationships, and improve overall efficiency. Manual […]

Techdio's Logo Automating Data Cleaning for Dynamics 365 using Data Quality App

Data Quality App by Techdio was developed to save organizations time and resources by automating data cleansing processes, improving data accuracy, and increasing productivity. With the app’s ability to handle […]


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