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Azamba Consulting Group's Logo Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Helps OSHEAN Maximize Their Modern Work and CRM Investment

Microsoft has an unbeatable Modern Work application suite. For decades, the applications that composed what was then known as Office (now part of Microsoft 365) have been the gold standard […]

Azamba Consulting Group's Logo The Power of Wish Lists on Positive CRM User Adoption

Change is hard. From the very start of your CRM implementation project, you must work harder to instill a culture of positivity, not negativity. Too many times, users complain at […]

Azamba Consulting Group's Logo How to Do the Smallest CRM Project With The Maximum Benefit

One of the biggest challenges for many small businesses is that they know what they want from a CRM system, but they don't know how to get there. So they […]

Azamba Consulting Group's Logo Tips to Maximize the First 100 Days of CRM Adoption

The first 100 days of a CRM implementation are the most crucial to set yourself up for success. Forming good habits and promoting user adoption right from the start is […]

Azamba Consulting Group's Logo 6 Steps to CRM Implementation Success 

I've been helping small and medium-sized businesses take their businesses to the next level with CRM for over 20 years. If you've had a hard time getting the most from […]

Azamba Consulting Group's Logo Five Obstacles That Can Derail Your CRM Implementation

No doubt you've heard the statistics - 40% to 70% of CRM implementations fail. That means that it failed to meet objectives within 12 to 24 months. The CRM system […]

Azamba Consulting Group's Logo 5 Ways CRM Can Help You Succeed In a Customer Experience Economy

Why is CRM essential for a successful business? Because we now live in a customer experience economy. Customers will stay with you, or quickly leave you, based on whether or […]

Azamba Consulting Group's Logo Focus on Your Results with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, Fixed-Fee CRM Implementation

These days, many CRM firms say they are customer-centric, but I personally believe their approach to implementation belies that claim. The problem lies in that much of the work is […]

Azamba Consulting Group's Logo Can a Money-Back Guarantee on a CRM Implementation Be Trusted?

You’ve probably heard that CRM implementations have a surprisingly high failure rate. Who would want to back such a risky venture with a money-back guarantee? At Azamba Consulting Group we […]

Azamba Consulting Group's Logo CRM Pricing: How Much Will It Cost?

If you are in the market for a new or updated CRM system, you can certainly find lots of information about features and technology. But one aspect that’s often hard […]


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