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PDG Consultants's Logo Visit the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trust Center

One of the primary fears business people often express about cloud computing is that the cloud providers will mishandle or insufficiently protect their data. After all, in the cloud, businesses […]

PDG Consultants's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service Blog Helps Customers Stay Informed

Microsoft recently introduced a new blog that is specifically charged with the task of keeping customers informed about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service Blog […]

PDG Consultants's Logo Why a Simple CRM Software Deployment Is More Important Than Fancy Features

CRM software has been constantly evolving to meet the needs of businesses around the world, and that will continue. When selecting software, companies often look for the most feature-rich applications, […]

PDG Consultants's Logo Staying Relevant with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

All too often, businesses adopt a new technology, assuming this will improve business even if they don't take advantage of the new tools. Few things change faster than the state […]

PDG Consultants's Logo Social Media Tips for Customer Service Reps Using CRM Software

 Social media has quickly become one of the primary methods of communication for consumers. The businesses that have recognized this reality also know that if they can reach out to […]

PDG Consultants's Logo How to Motivate Everyone in Your Company to Use CRM Software

 You have heard the claims that CRM software can change the way you do business, revolutionize your entire business process, and ultimately make your company more profitable. It sounds idealistic, […]

PDG Consultants's Logo Study Says Social Media Still not Key Buying Influence for Technology Buyers

There is a lot of talk about social media as it relates to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) selection. Do social media features have a major influence on your decision of […]

PDG Consultants's Logo Enhancing Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Experience by Tweaking Internet Explorer

As it is said in Sales that, ‘First impression makes a lasting impression’ the same is true with Microsoft Dynamics CRM user experience.  There are many ways that one can configure […]

PDG Consultants's Logo Move Over Midmarket, Microsoft Proves Dynamics CRM Is For Enterprise Level Too

 Forget what you think you know about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you thought it was just for small to medium companies and relegated to only the "midmarket" industries, think again. […]

PDG Consultants's Logo The Game Has Changed for CRM Software; Companies Must Adapt

Once upon a time, a Rolodex sat upon a desk next to a phone. There was no laptop, only a stack of business cards, a pen, and a notepad. This […]


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