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OTT, Inc. 's Logo Optimize Your Sales Funnel with Dynamics 365 and Real-Time Dashboards

How do you judge the success of your sales pipeline? You look at the results. If you are becoming adept at identifying prospective clients and consistently translating your contacts with […]

OTT, Inc. 's Logo Improve Customer Service and Customer Experience with CRM

Your sales and customer service teams work hard to keep your customers happy. Providing a superior customer experience is just as important as providing high quality products or services. Arm […]

OTT, Inc. 's Logo Improve the Customer Experience with CRM

Today’s marketplace is fast-paced and highly competitive. Businesses not only need to offer high quality products and services, but also offer an experience that keeps customers engaged and loyal. Understanding […]

OTT, Inc. 's Logo Ready to get out of the office? Serve customers on the road with CRM

Some of your employees do their best work outside of the office. Sales representatives and customer service teams need to spend time with customers and be able to answer questions, […]

OTT, Inc. 's Logo Improve Customer Service With Proactive Customer Response

One of the quickest ways to frustrate a customer is to put them on hold or transfer them to another representative.  If you can’t answer their questions on the spot […]

OTT, Inc. 's Logo An Exposé on the differences between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premise

Has your company been thinking about moving to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online from On-Premise? Maybe your company utilizes Microsoft Dynamics GP and is thinking about a CRM Implementation, but not […]

OTT, Inc. 's Logo Modern Day, Post-PC CRM

Smartphones and tablets are proliferating in the workplace. More and more business applications are being tailored for mobile devices because today’s professionals are on the move and engaged with customers […]

OTT, Inc. 's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online vs On-Premise. What option is best suited for you?

SO, you’ve decided to jump into the digital world of customer relations management (CRM) and you are torn between purchasing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or On-Premise... There are some great […]

OTT, Inc. 's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint

Before we start talking about what positives and negatives when having Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint integrated to enhance your business I think it important that we have the fundamental […]

OTT, Inc. 's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – 4 New Features you Need to Know about

Microsoft has been teasing us with the new release of Dynamics CRM 2013 and what all it entails.  I have compiled a brief listing of some of the items that […]


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