Articles By:'s Logo New world of work: Document generation & automation with electronic signature capabilities

The business world has changed fundamentally. Home office, virtual meetings or collaborations across national borders are now daily companions in the business environment. As a result, new demands are being placed […]'s Logo Document Automation: Scheduled documents in Power Automate

Take Document Automation to the next level with the DocumentsCorePack Connector for PowerApps and PowerAutomate! The connector is designed to utilize our solution inside Flows simply and intuitively. In the […]'s Logo Save data capacity & money by moving email content to Azure Blob Storage

Every Dynamics 365 customer that is tracking e-mails knows that they can consume significant data capacity and therefore cause substantial data storage costs. The new AttachmentExtractor capability moves e-mail content from Dynamics 365 (CDS) […]'s Logo How to save data capacity by moving email content

Tracking emails in Dynamics 365 can have a considerable impact on your data storage costs. This article shows you how to check your organization's data capacity consumption caused by emails. […]'s Logo Document Generation & Delivery with a Single Click

One-Click Actions (OCAs), one of the features of DocumentsCorePack allows you to define custom document actions aligned to your business processes and needs. One-Click Actions are predefined settings for the […]


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