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MIG & Co.'s Logo Synchronizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with Your Active Directory

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team recently published an article entitled "How to Synchronize CRM Online with your Active Directory" on their blog. Why would you want to synchronize it with […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo What Can Mail Merge Do For Your Marketing Campaigns?

Are you about to launch a direct mail marketing campaign? Direct Mail campaigns are a lot of work, and it can get a bit hectic. With the mail merge feature […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo Creating Marketing Lists with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Good, up-to-date marketing lists are often the core of successful marketing campaigns, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM ( enables you to quickly and easily create marketing lists. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo Stay Up To Date with Key Marketing Trends for 2013

Savvy businesses are shifting their emphasis off of themselves and onto their customers and prospects. Customers and prospects, empowered by the Web and social tools, have more control over the […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo 8 Things Marketers Should Automate to Drive Leads and Revenue

Buyers crave personal touches, but how does a marketer provide that for hundreds or even thousands of prospects? The solution lies in automation. CoreMotives and MIG have developed a list […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo Keep Your Data Safe with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM holds a great deal of business data, and the security and privacy of sensitive business data contained in CRM is of paramount importance. Security is particularly a concern […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo See How Easy it is to Create Reports with CRM Software!

There are several different ways you can analyze the rich customer data. Unfortunately it is not always easy to analyze all that information. With your customer data stored in Microsoft […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo What ROI Can You Expect from Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

There is no question that your company can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The question is, how much will that benefit amount to in dollars and cents? In other words, […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo Managing Customer Responses to Marketing Campaigns with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When potential customers respond positively to one of your marketing campaigns, you'll want to pursue those responses efficiently and completely, and that's where Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in. Microsoft Dynamics […]

MIG & Co.'s Logo A CRM that Can Be Personalized to Its User

As a Marketer, CRM software ( is your best friend. You will use this every day and want to make sure you have all your shortcuts  easily accessible. With Microsoft […]


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